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Top 10 Best AI Image Generators To Use in 2024.

Best AI Image Generators

Visual content reigns in the digital era, engaging and explaining more efficiently than ever. Still, producing good images may be time-consuming as well as resource-intensive.

AI image generators are changing the way we produce visual content. These innovative tools use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to generate beautiful photos quickly and easily.

In this article, we will examine a few of the best AI image generators out there, investigating what they offer, why they are beneficial, and what their downsides are so that you can choose the best solution for your artistic needs.

1. Designs.AI

Designs Ai
  • Designs.ai is one of the most popular AI image generators that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help you make logos, movies, banners, mockups, and other stuff within minutes.
  • Designs.ai provides a wide variety of tools for creating different kinds of designs. For instance, Logomaker can help you develop numerous logo variations based on your brand name, industry, and preferences. You can later change your logo using an editor before downloading it with a complete set of brand elements.
  • Social media, websites, or presentations can also be created by Videomaker. You can choose from a collection of several hundreds of models, add your text and graphics, and let AI do the job. Also, one is capable of editing videos with tools like cut-crop-filters-music.
  • Graphicmaker can also be used to make good illustrations for projects. You can pick thousands of free-colored-styles illustrations and tailor them according to your needs. Mockupmaker can also generate realistic images of your objects/concepts.
  • Designs.ai is a fantastic tool for people who want their graphics to look professional without any effort made on their part. Use it for free just to see how simple and fun AI-powered designing can be.


  • AI-powered tool for quickly creating logos, movies, banners, and mockups.
  • Generates logo variations based on brand details, fully customizable with a brand kit.
  • Hundreds of templates for quick movie creation, with AI handling the content, pictures, and editing.


  • A subscription may be required for complete access to advanced features.
  • Some functions may be limited in the free version.

2. Jasper AI


Jasper is an AI-generative platform that helps businesses create fantastic content faster and easier than ever. With Jasper’s powerful AI writer/artist generator you’ll get help with writing blog posts/making marketing copy/sales emails/SEO content/Facebook ads/online content/love letters/captions/video scripts/etcetera.

  • AI writer Jasper is capable of producing high-quality and captivating content in 26 languages in tune with your brand tone and target audience. To begin with, use Jasper’s open-ended commands or choose one among hundreds of available templates. Jasper can also improve the readability, utility, and persuasiveness of your existing material.
  • Jasper’s AI art generator can instantly create unique and stunning graphics or photos depending on your description. You can pick from various genres, mediums, artists, and moods to enhance your creative expression. Being royalty-free and high-resolution makes Jasper’s AI art suitable for personal and commercial purposes.
  • Jasper has been trusted by over 100k teams across the globe including innovative companies such as Shopify, HubSpot, and Adobe among others. Moreover, a Chrome plug-in is available through which you write content while surfing. Additionally, it is possible to embed it into your own products and workflows via an API provided by Jasper.


  • Jasper creates high-quality material and photos for various uses, including social media and marketing.
  • A Chrome extension allows users to produce content on any platform.
  • Jasper tailors material in 26 languages to meet the user’s brand voice and style.


  • Jasper is $20 per month per user after a 5-day trial for unlimited art and image production.
  • Users may need to check or amend content because Jasper’s output is not always original or correct.


Imgcreator AI
  • Your objective of getting photorealistic stock photos for your blog posts, editing images by natural reformation, creating illustrations for projects, or generating creative ideas may come true with ImgCreator.AI.
  • All you should do to use ImgCreator.AI is type what you want to see in the text entry field and then select the best among the four possible images. Alternatively, you can upload a photo, delete a portion you would like to change, and then explain what that part should be. You may begin with nine pictures at no cost; otherwise, subscribe to one of the plans or invite friends and get extra credits.
  • ImgCreator.AI apart from being entertaining and a practical tool is a valuable tool. What matters is whether you adhere to their rules and terms while using them for any reason with these images or not created by Imgcreator.ai Nevertheless. You may also sell your own as there are no royalties charged for photos created through Imgcreator.ai.


  • It can create images from text or image inputs, with various styles and categories.
  • It may modify photographs with text, such as changing the haircut, backdrop, or attire.
  • It can produce graphics, animation, concept designs, and realistic pictures for various uses.


  • It has limits regarding output resolution and the amount of photos per prompt.
  • It may produce incorrect or low-quality photos if the description is too complex or inconsistent.


DALL-E AI image generators

OpenAI’s DALL-E is a cutting-edge AI that is changing the course of artificial intelligence and image-making. DALL-E, which takes its name from Salvador Dalí, a surrealist artist, and WALL-E, an animated character from a Pixar film, produces realistic images that can be relevant to the text provided.

  • Unlike standard image generation algorithms that normally rely on large databases of existing photographs, DALL-E has a very good ability to understand and interpret natural language descriptions to transform them into visually appealing compositions.
  • One of the most amazing things about DALL-E is its ability to create images based on verbal instructions depicting things or ideas that do not exist. So if someone writes “a purple leafed tree in the shape of a green cube” or “dog walking radish with a tutu”, then out comes an amazingly detailed and truly real-looking picture.
  • In addition to generating objects only, this versatility allows it to make up such locations as complex settings, abstract concepts, or even weirdly magical situations. This opens a new world for artists, designers, and writers who can now bring their visions into reality in ways they have never imagined.
  • Apart from DALL-E’s creativity, it can be utilized practically in a number of sectors like print media, advertising, e-commerce, and entertainment. Thus, automation of picture production with DALL-E can make workflows better and help to save time and resources so that users can express themselves more efficiently through visual communication.


  • DALL-E can generate realistic visuals based on textual descriptions, providing limitless creative possibilities.
  • The model exhibits a thorough comprehension of visual principles, resulting in coherent and contextually appropriate visuals.
  • DALL-E produces images with outstanding detail and authenticity, that are comparable to those generated by human artists.


  • DALL-E is now only accessible to a small group of scholars and organizations, rendering it inaccessible to the public.
  • DALL-E demands extensive computational resources to generate images, making it impractical for everyday use.

5. Deep Dream Generator

DEEP DREAM GENERATOR AI image generators
  • The Deep Dream Generator is the best image AI generator that combines powerful artificial intelligence with artistic expression. With its intuitive tools and simple interface, Deep Dream allows you to explore your imagination through the creation of stunning visual artwork without any limitations.
  • Join an active community of artists and fans who are sharing their Deep Dream pictures and being inspired by others. Deep Dream AI opens up a new world of AI-generated art opportunities as it turns mundane images into fantastic visuals that captivate viewers’ eyes.
  • The Project Deep Dream Generator provides various configurable settings and parameters allowing consumers to control the art transformation process. It is possible to mix different styles, effects, or levels of abstraction to produce truly unique and amazing live art.
  • The app creates a thriving community of artists and enthusiasts is created by the app. Share your artwork Deep Dreams, view others’ works, and participate in discussions. It encourages cooperation and inspiration, as well as providing a friendly environment for creativity to flourish.
  • This platform has an intuitive user-friendly layout that appeals to both amateur and professional artists. This makes the whole creative process smoother and more exciting than ever before because of its user-friendly tools and operations.


  • Deep Dream Generator includes several artistic filters that transform everyday photographs into bizarre, dreamy masterpieces.
  • Users can fine-tune the resulting images by adjusting factors like layer strength and feature inversion.
  • The platform includes a community gallery where users may share their work and collaborate with other artists.


  • While Deep Dream Generator offers customization choices, some users may find the level of control inadequate when compared to other applications.
  • Creating high-quality photographs can be time-consuming, particularly for advanced transformations or huge files.

6. RunwayML


Runway is a platform where you discover everything of your dreams using Artificial Intelligence. Through Runway, you can make films, photos, audio, or even text.

With a few clicks of your mouse, you can now change your content by using AI Magic Tools from Runway or if you want, train your unique models using AI Training. In addition, there is also a full-featured video editor provided by Runway where you can edit high-resolution videos online.

Runway was started by artists whose aim was to demystify AI making it more accessible and creative for all. Also through this channel artistic works are actively promoted while at the same time highlighting storytellers who use artificial intelligence to create new modes of expression.it is a community of creators using artificial intelligence to shape the future of storytelling.


  • RunwayML provides a wide selection of AI models for picture generation, including StyleGAN, BigGAN, and CycleGAN, giving users a variety of creative alternatives.
  • Users can see the results of AI models in real-time, providing rapid feedback and modifications.
  • RunwayML has a thriving community of artists and developers who exchange models, lessons, and resources, encouraging cooperation and creativity.


  • While RunwayML has many valuable capabilities, understanding the platform may take time and effort, particularly for users with no programming experience.
  • Specific AI models and features may need a membership or purchase, making them less accessible to budget-conscious customers.

7. Midjourney


Midjourney is a generative AI program that turns word questions into visual artwork. It has achieved prominence in the field of machine learning-based picture generation, alongside well-known competitors such as DALL-E and Stable Diffusion.

Midjourney stands out for its user-friendly approach, which operates within the Discord chat software and requires no setup, making it accessible to a wide audience.

As an independent and self-funded project, it proved the ability to generate stunning graphics from simple text inputs, highlighting AI’s expanding potential in the creative business.


  • Consistently creates the best-looking AI-generated photos
  • The community is a fantastic source of inspiration.


  • Can only be utilized through Discord—which is bizarre.
  • The images you generate are public by default.
  • Free trials are now suspended.

8. DreamStudio


DreamStudio provides you with extensive control over the many areas of AI image generation. When you enter your challenge, you may use sliders to control the size of the final image, how well it fits the prompt, how many steps the diffusion model takes, and how many pictures are generated. 

You can also choose which version of the algorithm to use (the most recent is SDXL 1.0), as well as provide a specific seed to ensure repeated results. DreamStudio also includes inpainting and outpainting, but I’ve never had much success.


  • It is simple to use.
  • Fast and responsive, with many customizing options.


  • Less suitable for advanced image requirements.
  • Costs may grow as a result of paid credits.

9. Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly AI image generators

Firefly is Adobe’s latest research department, focusing solely on AI-powered tools and generative models. The developers began by creating visual and word effects, but they plan to go further. Their primary purpose is to devise every feasible technique to accelerate and improve creative workflows, and then incorporate them into Adobe’s existing products such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and InDesign.


  • It provides a variety of cutting-edge tools to help you unleash your creativity.
  • It offers a nice UI with plenty of assistance and lessons.
  • It enables collaboration and online storage through synced libraries and cloud documents.
  • It can edit video or animation layers and supports a wide range of picture types.


  • It’s pricey and requires a membership plan.
  • It has a steep learning curve and may be hard.
  • The software lacks vector graphics functionality and may require additional software, such as Illustrator. 
  • It can be space-consuming and slow on certain systems.

10. NightCafe


NightCafe is yet another user-friendly AI text-to-art generator available online. NightCafe serves as an image generator that provides variety. In terms of output, this AI art generator offers numerous customizing choices.

As a user, you may choose not only the output art style, but also the algorithm that the AI utilizes, giving you more influence over your product. So, if you prefer Clip Guided Diffusion over Stable Diffusion, you can choose.


  • Can select an AI algorithm.
  • A variety of art styles to pick from.
  • Can upscale photographs (paid).


  • A small credit limit

1. How to use AI-generated images?

AI art is extremely useful for improving branding, marketing, and visual content without the requirement for significant expenditures. Here’s how to use an AI picture generator to improve your small business:

  • Brand identity

AI graphics can help you establish a consistent brand identity that appeals to your target audience. You may use these tools to create eye-catching logos, one-of-a-kind color schemes and visual elements, and even bespoke images that reflect your business message.

  • Developing marketing content

AI image generators allow you to generate visually appealing marketing campaigns without the need for professional graphic design expertise. From social media postings to digital ads and blog photos, these tools enable you to swiftly generate visuals that capture attention and successfully deliver your message.

  • Product visuals

If you’re selling a product, presenting clear, high-quality photographs is critical for attracting new buyers. AI tools can assist with this by producing realistic renderings or 3D models of your products. This way, even if you don’t have the physical goods or the resources to execute professional photography, you can still make attractive product shots.

  • A unique client experience

AI picture generators can help you customize your content. You can, for example, design custom visuals that are suited to certain consumers or audience segments, resulting in a unique and engaging experience. 

2. How to choose the best AI image generators?

When selecting an AI picture generator, it’s critical to evaluate several variables to ensure that the tool fulfills your requirements, whether you’re an artist, designer, e-commerce business owner, content creator, or simply want to play with AI-generated photos. 

  • Image Quality

Look for generators that produce high-resolution photographs with clear, detailed visuals to assure professional results.

  • Customization Options

Some generators merely provide selection fields, while others provide you more control over the image-generating process, allowing you to direct the AI more precisely to obtain the desired outcomes.

  • Cost

AI image generators might be free, paid-per-picture, or subscription-based. Smart advice is to look for products that provide free trials or a set number of free photos, allowing you to test the generator before spending money.

  • User Interface

A user-friendly interface makes it easier to utilize the application to generate photos. Consider whether the tool supports several languages or regions.

  • Safety Filter

It assures that the generated photos are free of improper or offensive content, protecting your brand’s image and the professional integrity of your content. All of the generators on this list include some form of safety filter to assist in maintaining your brand’s identity.

Wrapping It Up

Top AI image generators have opened up the creative process, allowing artists, designers, and content providers to create outstanding visual content effortlessly. Whether you want to add a surreal touch to your photos, generate realistic images from textual descriptions, or combine many images to create something altogether new, there is an AI image generator to meet your needs. The best AI photo generator tools push the boundaries of creativity and offer new avenues for visual expression by using the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. 


1. Which are the most incredible free AI picture generators?

Some of the free AI business photo generators include Deep Dream Generator, Artbreeder, and RunwayML. These platforms include a variety of tools and capabilities for making distinctive and stunning photographs with artificial intelligence algorithms.

2. How can I create videos from images?

Images can be converted into videos utilizing a variety of software and web resources. One popular alternative is to utilize video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, which allows you to import photographs, organize them on a timeline, apply transitions and effects, and then export the finished video. 

3. How do AI image generators work?

AI image generators use deep learning algorithms to examine and identify visual patterns in vast databases of photos. These algorithms then generate new images depending on previously learned patterns and human input, such as written descriptions or beginning images.

4. Which AI image generators produce the best results?

Some of the AI picture generators noted for creating high-quality results are OpenAI’s DALL-E, Deep Dream Generator, and Jasper AI, IMGCREATOR. These models use powerful algorithms of deep learning and large training datasets to create visually appealing pictures that are as good as human artists’ work.

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