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Content writers use writesonic, AI-powered writing tool to boost productivity, overcome writer's block, and improve abilities.
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What is Writesonic?

Writesonic is an AI-powered content automation platform where you can input any amount of material to create an infinite amount of content while saving time and effort.

You may accelerate your writing process with over 65 features, including Instagram captions, Facebook advertisements, landing sites, Quora answers, Twitter tweets, and Article Writer 3.0.


  • Customizable tone and style

You can change aspects like tone (formal, casual, friendly, etc.), sentence structure, keywords, brand voice, and formatting.

  • Intelligent Topic Research

WriteSonic examines your headline and suggests that you conduct an extensive study on the issue before writing. It obtains facts, numbers, quotes, and links from trusted online sources to ensure that the copy is legitimate.

  • SEO-Optimized

Content is optimized for target keywords and semantics to improve SEO and search exposure.

  • Plagiarism Check

WriteSonic employs its own AI to detect plagiarism, ensuring that the text generated is entirely unique and original. This reduces the chance of plagiarism.

  • Batch content production

You can enter many titles and themes at once, resulting in high-volume copy with a single click. This permits large-scale content development.

  • Content Length

Specify the word count or use the slider to copy the appropriate length. Outputs range from brief social media postings to blog pieces of over 1,000 words.

  • Graphic content

In addition to text, RightSonic uses AI to generate high-quality graphics and images to accompany your article.

How to Use Writesonic?

  • Register and log in to Writesonic.
  • Choose an appropriate content template.
  • Include theme, keywords, and voice.
  • Allow Writesonic to generate material by clicking “Generate”.
  • Edit created content as needed.
  • Your desired format for exporting or downloading.
  • Put the content on your blog, website, and marketing materials.

Who is Using WriteSonic?

  • Content developers include bloggers and journalists.
  • Marketers of ad copy, social media posts, and newsletters.
  • E-commerce enterprises with compelling product descriptions.
  • Small enterprises and start-ups need dedicated copywriters.
  • Students and educators collaborate on writing and study materials.
  • Freelancers should streamline their workflow.

How is WriteSonic Unique?

With various kinds of contents and an advanced AI technology that separates it from others, Writesonic comes with a wide range of customizable templates for different content types like blog posts, product descriptions, and social media ads.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy for beginners to use, and I adore the style.
  • It has a superb AI article writer.
  • Our AI-powered SEO tools and editor enable you to optimize your content for search engine results.
  • Useful keyword research tool.
  • There are many video tutorials.


  • The keyword tool is slow and not ideal for long-tail keywords.
  • Short-form content templates lack robustness.
  • Organizing your blog entries into folders is not very straightforward.

Pricing & Plan

Free Plan

You may test out all of Writesonic’s features with the free plan. There is a monthly word restriction of 10,000 and only one user is allowed.

Pro Plan

It costs $19 a month (with considerable discounts if paid annually) and comes with 100,000 words; more words may be obtained at an additional expense.

Enterprise Plan

This is a customized strategy for enterprises and content teams. Custom packages, the creation of AI models, onboarding, and improved client assistance are all provided.


1. Is Writesonic able to write code?

No, Writesonic is essentially a writing tool driven by artificial intelligence that creates text-based content.

2. Is it safe to use Writesonic?

It acknowledges that users have rights regarding data protection, including the ability to access, modify, delete, object, and transfer their data.

3. Is Writesonic effective for SEO?

Absolutely! The Writesonic SEO Checker and Optimizer may significantly improve your search engine exposure by finding and fixing SEO problems in your material.

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