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Experience DESIGNS.AI for free and effortlessly create a wide range of online content in just 2 minutes! From logos and videos to social media banners, business cards, flyers, mockups, and more, our AI-powered platform makes it simple and quick.
Pricing Model: Paid
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Designs.ai uses artificial intelligence technology to enable users to rapidly and easily create, update, and scale material. It provides a variety of creative tools, including Logomaker, Videomaker, Speechmaker, Designmaker, Graphicmaker, Color Matcher, Font Pairer, and Calendar, to assist customers in saving time and money and simplifying their workflow. 

Designs.ai is ideal for all content creators, including influencers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, educators, enterprises, and government agencies.


  • Create Logos, Videos, Banners, and Mockups with AI in 2 Minutes

Designs.ai uses artificial intelligence to quickly develop logos, movies, banners, and mockups, optimizing the design process with incredible speed and efficiency.

  • Perfect & Safe Face Swapper

Users can utilize Designs.ai’s Face Swapper to smoothly change faces in photographs with precision and confidence, ensuring accuracy and privacy during editing activities.

  • Export logos in any format

Designs.ai allows users to easily export logos in any desired format, addressing various needs and compatibility requirements.

  • Text to Image Generator

With the help of Designs.ai’s Text-to-Image Generator, text can be converted into visually appealing images that will enhance its attractiveness and engagement.

  • A Wide Range Of Resources

Designs.ai has a huge wealth of creative assets including millions of clips, photos, audio files and voices which provide customers with an all-rounded toolkit for their projects.

  • Voiceover in more than 15 languages across the globe

You can make your films accessible to multiple consumers globally by getting professional voiceovers in over 15 global languages.

  • For Every Content Creator

Designs.ai is perfect for everyone as it has a simple UI and strong tools to make your creative ideas come true.

Pros & Cons


  • The comprehensive toolset includes logo, video, design, and copywriting.
  • User-friendly UI and easy design editor.
  • Machine learning algorithms recommend the best content based on user preference.
  • Cloud storage and collaboration features.
  • Expansive asset base featuring millions of clips, photos, and thousands of templates.


  • Lacks customization options compared to more powerful design apps.
  • AI-generated content may need manual intervention sometimes for better results.
  • Subscription costs may provide a hurdle for customers on a low budget.

Plans and Pricing

  • Free Plan

Designs.ai provides an appealing Free Plan, which includes a 7-day trial to introduce consumers to its creative design solutions. During the trial time, customers have access to a variety of services designed to simplify and improve their design projects. The Free Plan allows users to play with the platform’s features, including logo creation, video editing, banner design, and more.

  • Standard Plan

Users of the Premium Plan start at $19/mo. Gain access to the flexibility of Unlimited Projects. Subscribers also have unrestricted access to a massive library of over 115 million premium photos and video clips. Collaborative activities are further simplified by team member access for a single user, which expands creative possibilities with access to 20+ languages and a variety of voiceover formats. With character restrictions per query increased to 1,000, users can quickly generate complex and engaging content.

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