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11 best AI Art Generator Tools to Utilize

Art Generator Tools

AI has in recent years experienced significant progress in many spheres including art and creativity, and one of the most thrilling uses of AI is artworks. 

The AI technologies that produce art have grown as strong instruments that enable artists, designers, and enthusiasts to easily broaden their creative horizons and create stunning pictures. 

What is an AI Art Generator?

  • An AI art generator is a software or a program that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) methods such as machine learning and deep learning to generate or aid in producing visual artwork. 
  • These tools use patterns, styles, and features from existing artworks and photographs to produce new works of art often with striking innovative outcomes.

How Does an AI Art Generator Work?

  • AI-generated artwork could be used for style transfer, picture generation, content remixing, and manipulation among others allowing users to explore different artistic styles like techniques as well as concepts within a digital realm thus forming a place for creative exploration and expression.
  • An AI art generator employing style transfer, for instance, can take someone’s picture and apply a famous painting’s touch on it to produce a unique artwork that integrates photography and painting.
  • In the same way, a realistic AI image generator may generate new images completely based on user input or preset parameters for making realistic or abstract designs.

This digital era offers 11 Popular AI art generator tools that we will learn in this article.

1. Once Upon a Bot

Once Upon a Bot

OnceUponABot is an artificial intelligence program powered by AI that lets users create children’s stories from scratch. The platform combines two state-of-the-art artificial intelligence models: GPT-3 and Stable Diffusion, which make unique stories personalizing them to the taste of the user.

Users can upload their pictures to be included in the story as well as specify their reading level and language. 

OnceUponABot is suitable for all ages and it is an amazing tool for kids because they can improve their reading skills while writing creative stories for fun.

2. Jasper


Jarvis has been renamed Jasper.ai and it is an artificial intelligence platform that can help you generate content. It deals with large amounts of data, and a program algorithm jumbles up your input and puts it back together.

The founders of Jasper.ai have made its invention very special to them. We will look into that today!

The main idea behind this is to send a topic and a few keywords. Then based on different sources of information collected by Jasper.ai, the output will be in the form of a list of related topics. You may pick any ideas you wish to use at this point and Jasper.ai can assist you in creating content based on that thinking.

3. DeepMotion

DeepMotion ai

DeepMotion is an essential tool for motion capture as well as body tracking being used to animate digital human beings seamlessly with cutting-edge AI technology which is extremely accurate.

It makes 3D character creation easier than ever before for beginning creators up to industry professionals.

DeepMotion’s game-changing text-to-3D anime AI art generator along with video-to-3D animation technologies are necessary when animating characters for games, films, or other digital materials.

4. Patterned


Artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology, PatternedAI, can create seamless patterns on any surface. Fabric design, wallpaper printing, and packaging design among others are AI art examples of its applications.

PatternedAI is also a great option for businesses that want to incorporate AI into their workflows and expedite growth. Join the waiting list for PatternedAI Enterprise and be one of the first people to access this innovation.

It’s more than just a pattern generator. It is your creative assistant helping you make stunning patterns even effortlessly.

5. Palette


Palette.fm is your entry point to realistic photo improvement and beautiful colorization. Palette.fm uses cutting-edge AI technologies to add brilliance to your photos with realism. Edit your pictures easily with over 21 filters for photographs

With more than 2.8 million photographers and designers from across the map in possession of it; Palette.fm performs colorization through artificial intelligence making them look vibrant while at the same time adding natural light effects on photos taken by you. Unveil the beauty of Palette.fm and open up the doors of your imagination like never before!

6. Animated Drawings

Animated Drawings

META AI Research has released an anime AI art generator called Animated Drawings, which allows users to bring their children’s artwork to life by animating characters to move about.

To operate this utility, users must enable JavaScript. The program generates animations depending on the content of the submitted artwork. The goal of this tool is to provide youngsters with a fun and engaging way to see their drawings come to life.

7. Pietra


Pietra is a platform that makes it simple to start and grow your eCommerce business. Pietra provides everything you need but don’t want to spend years learning about sourcing, warehousing and fulfillment, and eCommerce.

Pietra also provides instructive materials, videos, and tools for beginners. These resources will show you how to navigate the platform to start and grow a profitable business.

8. Looka


Looka’s AI-powered technology generates hundreds of logo possibilities based on your company name, industry, style, colors, and symbols. 

  • You may then update your logo design in Looka’s user-friendly editor and download high-resolution versions for online and offline use. 
  • Looka also has a brand kit option, which lets you generate branded marketing materials including business cards, social media templates, email signatures, posters, invoices, and more. 
  • You can have access to all of these features by making a one-time payment or subscribing monthly.

9. AutoDraw

Auto Draw

AutoDraw is driven by artificial intelligence, which can detect what you’re drawing and propose better shapes and icons for you. 

You can select from hundreds of alternatives and personalize them with different colors, sizes, and text. You may also use AutoDraw to create logos, flyers, posters, cards, and other designs.

You can start drawing straight away or use some templates and tutorials. You may also share your works with others or download them in PNG or SVG format.

10. DesignBeast

Design Beast

DesignBeast is the world’s most powerful graphics design program, with a massive library of over 7000 ready-to-use customizable designs that are appropriately proportioned for all prominent social sites. 

Create outstanding designs for any niche or topic in all main languages in record time, with no prior expertise or technical abilities. 

DesignBeast is the ultimate all-in-one design automation suite for anyone trying to build and scale their business, featuring AI-powered logo creation, live motion photographs, a 1-click background remover, an image editor, a magic object remover, and more.

11. Let’s Enhance

Lets Enhance

Let’s Enhance is excellent for creative professionals, e-commerce, real estate agents, and anybody looking to improve their image quality. 

  • You may upload and edit numerous photographs at once, select from a variety of presets and filters, and magnify them up to 256 megapixels without sacrificing quality. 
  • You can also use Let’s Enhance to remove JPEG artifacts, rectify pixelation and blur, and adjust white balance and saturation.
  • One of the most exciting elements of Let’s Enhance is the artificial intelligence picture generator. This feature enables you to convert words into high-resolution images in seconds. 
  • It allows you to produce original stuff for your projects, such as logos, graphics, posters, and backgrounds. You can also experiment with various styles and topics, such as anime, fantasy, and science fiction. You can easily convert images to AI art.

How Can You Utilize AI-generated art?

  • Creative exploration

AI art generators allow artists to experiment with new styles and techniques, facilitating creative discovery and creativity.

  • Inspiration

AI-generated art enables artists to go outside the box and challenge standard artistic processes by presenting new ideas and views.

  • Education

AI art is a beneficial instructional tool because it introduces students to the convergence of art and technology and piques their interest in AI’s potential in the creative process.

  • Content Creation

Businesses use AI-generated visuals for marketing and branding, creating engaging graphics and illustrations that connect with their target audience.

  • Personalization

Users can modify AI-generated art to suit their specific interests and likes, resulting in artworks that are individually fitted to their vision.

  • Art Therapy

AI art serves as a therapeutic outlet for self-expression and mental rehabilitation, helping people to channel their thoughts and feelings into creative projects.

  • Collaboration

Artists work with AI algorithms to co-create new artworks that combine human creativity with AI’s computational ability to generate engaging visual interactions.

What Free AI art generator should you use?

The Popular AI art generator you use should be based on your individual requirements, preferences, and aims. Here are some elements to consider while selecting an AI art generator.

  • Features
  • Output quality and customization options
  • Community & Support
  • Compatibility and Cost

Finally, the most excellent free AI art generator for you is one that matches your artistic style, workflow preferences, and project needs. Take the time to investigate several choices, experiment with different tools, and select the one that best meets your requirements.

Wrapping It Up

  • With the development of AI art generation tools, there has never been a better time to combine art with technology, the possibilities for creative expression are endless. With their constant improvement, these technologies can level the playing field when it comes to creating art, allowing individuals from diverse backgrounds to participate. 
  • Artificial intelligence art generation tools are about to change the game when it comes to making and enjoying art online, whether your goal is to express your creativity, try out new approaches, or create digital artwork.


1. What are the best practices for using AI-generated art?

Understand the tool’s possibilities, try out different styles, give credit to the AI tool when sharing, and use it as a beginning point for creativity.

2. What exactly is an AI art generator?

It’s a piece of software that uses AI algorithms to generate visual artwork by evaluating existing photographs and generating new pieces in a variety of styles.

3. How do you determine which AI art generator is the most suitable for your needs?

Choose according to features, usability, output quality, customization, community support, compatibility, and price.

4. Could you explain how AI artworks are in simple terms?

AI analyzes photographs, learns patterns and styles, and creates new artworks based on input and predefined parameters, refining them continuously to achieve visually pleasing results.

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