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Wonder Dynamics

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Wonder Dynamics is AI Tool to create live-action scenes with computer-generated characters through automated lighting, animation, and composition.
Pricing Model: Paid
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What is Wonder Dynamics?

Wonder Studio is an AI platform that makes light, animate, and composite computer-generated characters easier in real-life settings. This program does away with labor-intensive shot-by-shot editing, pricey production gear, and complex 3D software.

The technology identifies cuts and follows the actor using single-camera video as they upload their CG character model into a scene or even a single shot.

After receiving the performance, the user’s chosen computer-generated character is animated, lighted, and composed automatically. With Wonder Studio, artists may automate 80% to 90% of the “objective” VFX work, leaving the remaining 20% to do “subjective” work in their preferred software.

The tool’s adaptability makes it a good fit for any pipeline that already exists. Wonder Studio allows users to construct their unique sci-fi worlds by assigning different characters.


  • Automated Animation and Lighting

This makes moving and light CG figures in real-life scenes easier.

  • Seamless Integration

Works with current pipelines and lets you export parts to your favorite tools.

  • Dynamic Storytelling

Different characters, styled figures, and changing lights let you tell creative stories.

  • Time and Money Saving

It reduces the need for manual editing, which saves producers time and money.

How to Use Wonder Dynamics

1. Sign up

Sign up for an account at Wonder Dynamics. Pick the package plan that works best for you.

2. Upload Footage

You need to upload the video footage from the single camera that you want to use to add CG figures.

3. Add CG Characters

Pick out your CG character models and add them to the scene or shot.

4. Automatic Processing

Let Wonder Studio animate, light, and composite your figures based on how the actors perform and how the scene moves.

5. Refine and Export

Check the automatic outcomes, make any needed changes, and then export the parts to your chosen software for final adjustments.

Who is Using Wonder Dynamics?

Artists who work with visual effects, filmmakers, and content creators use Wonder Dynamics to make adding CG characters to live-action videos easier. Because it can be automated, it can be used by both small and big production studios.

What Makes Wonder Dynamics Unique?

Wonder Dynamics automates the challenging tasks of animating, lighting, and compositing CG characters into real-world surroundings. It frees creators from laborious VFX work and cuts costs, letting them focus on art.

Pros & Cons


  • Filmmakers can save time and money with this AI tool that automatically lights, animates, and composes CG figures into a live-action sequence.
  • It may import into existing pipelines and output specific elements into artists’ preferred tools.
  • With its support for styled figures, dynamic lighting, and many characters, it enables imaginative storytelling.


  • It could miss the mark when it comes to complicated emotions and interactions, as well as other finer points of human performance and expression.
  • It can need a few adjustments and manual changes to work with particular 3D objects and scenarios.

Pricing & Plan

Free Plan

Not available

Paid Plan

Paid plan, which starts at $16 a month, has advanced automation features that make animating, lighting, and putting together CG figures faster.


1. What kind of scenes can Wonder Studio handle?

Wonder Studio does most of the VFX work automatically, but scenes and details that are very complicated may need some changes made manually.

2. Does Wonder Studio work with my workflow?

You can send specific sections of Wonder Studio to your favorite tools for further editing.

3. Which kinds of projects can use Wonder Studio?

Wonder Studio is great for filmmakers, VFX artists, and content creators who want to add CG characters to live-action videos quickly and affordably.

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