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PatternedAI revolutionizes content creation with cutting-edge pattern recognition technology, Seamlessly generating captivating designs and visuals, PatternedAI offers a creative edge for designers, marketers, and artists alike.
Pricing Model: Paid
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What is PatternedAI?

PatternedAI is an artificial intelligence-based technology that creates seamless patterns on any surface. This can be employed in creating fabric prints, wallpapers, packaging, etc.


  • More than 300 credits

PatternedAI provides a diverse range of resources like 300+ credits so that users do not need to pay extra for using its different features and functions. With this, users are also given plenty of credit on the platform enabling them to explore it fully.

  • Royalty-Free

Therefore PatternedAI ensures that brands can create original designs without many designers being sued for copyright infringement. Thus, one not only owns but can even commercially use these designs without any restrictions.

  • Seamless Patterns for Your Brand

Also, by using several customization options, users can develop individual patterns in line with the brand’s aesthetics or vision. These choices enable consumers to build unlike patterns that suit their aesthetic sense while encapsulating their brand identity together with vision.

  • Turn Text into a Unique Pattern, Image, or Texture

PatternedAI provides an opportunity for users to convert texts into different patterns, images or textures. This is a feature that makes text-based materials more creative and visualizes them attractively.

  • High-resolution is available

PatternedAI helps in making high resolution outputs thus providing sharp detailed patterns that can be used in various applications.

  • Text to Image/Image to Image/Download as SVG Format

Words can be converted to pictures, photos to images and one can download their work as SVG. This flexibility allows users to have many options of generating and exporting patterns hence improving the efficiency of the workflow.

  • The pattern generated is private in the paid versions 

Paid versions of PatternedAI enable customers to conceal their identity when generating patterns. In this way, people have exclusive access to their creations, thereby enhancing the security and control over their intellectual property.

Pros & Cons


  • It has a unique AI that builds new and flawless designs for anything.
  • It changes words into patterns following the user’s description.
  • It can produce very flexible variations of the existing figures or pictures.
  • The software is capable of downloading high-resolution pattern files and saving them in SVG format.
  • This could mean business process reengineering therefore fostering growth within organizations. 


  • It may be unable to capture the user’s precise vision or style for the patterns.
  • It may generate patterns that are identical to existing ones, resulting in copyright concerns.
  • To gain access to certain features or services, a subscription fee or a waiting list may be required.
  • It may contain technological flaws or faults that degrade the quality or speed of pattern development.

Pricing & Plans

Free Plan 

Discover the full potential of patternedAI with a free trial that includes 20 trial credits. 

Paid Plan

Subscribe to patternedAI’s $10 monthly plan and receive 300 credits for your creative activities. With royalty-free patterns, you can use your designs for any project without incurring additional charges. Easily convert text into gorgeous graphics using the text-to-image feature. Your creations will be shown in the public gallery, providing you with recognition and inspiration from the patternedAI community. Plus, you may cancel your subscription at any moment.

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