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Profile Picture Maker

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Profile Picture Maker AI tool then generates dozens of profile pictures from which to choose and allows you to personalize your new profile photo to perfection.
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Profile Picture Maker

What is a PFP Maker?

PFPMaker is a free AI profile photo generator that can produce outstanding profile pictures using AI. Upload a few photos of yourself and get 100+ images that correctly depict you in different styles and locations! Whether you desire a classic portrait, a modern or futuristic style, PFPMaker has you covered. Ideal for professionals, freelancers, and anybody wishing to improve their social media skills.


  • Next-Generation AI Headshots

Professional headshots with a 30% launch promotion. Business and creative styles appeal to a wide range of needs.

  • Profile Picture Creation

Allows you to make hundreds of gorgeous profile photos. Ideal for LinkedIn, CVs, resumes, Instagram, and more.

  • Online Presence Enhancement

Increase your internet presence with an attractive profile. Achieve 36x more interactions with a professional appearance.

  • Personal Brand Building

Create the ideal profile to elevate your personal brand. Experience 146% higher engagement and lead generation.

  • Customization Tools

Customize your profile with AI, filters, and backgrounds. Includes AI Portrait Editor and Background Removal.

  • Flexible Use Cases

Ideal for social media, teams, business cards, CVs, messenger profiles, email signatures, etc.

  • AI Enhancement Tools

Features AI Portrait Enhancer, Background Remover, Replacement, and Professional Templates for various styles.

  • Extra Tools and API

Includes AI Avatar Generator, Emoji Profile Pictures, free tools like Remove Background and Laser Eyes Maker, and a Business API for smooth integration.

How to use PFP Maker?

  • Browse the PFPMaker website.
  • Click the “Upload Photo” button, or drag & drop your photo into the allocated space.
  • The AI will generate a variety of profile photo modifications, including backdrop tweaks, lighting enhancements, and other refinements.
  • You can choose your favorite and download it for free.

Who is using  PFP Maker ?

  • People who want to create polished profile photographs for professional platforms such as LinkedIn, CVs, or business websites.
  • People who want to stand out on social media platforms like Instagram or messaging apps.

What makes  PFP Maker unique?

Unlike other products that only offer background removal and basic photo editing, PFP Maker uses artificial intelligence to automatically refine lighting, color, and overall clarity for a more natural and professional appearance.

Pros and Cons


  • AI-powered headshots for LinkedIn, CVs, and resumes.
  • A simple design and customizable profile picture tools make the platform accessible to many individuals.
  • AI-generated profile images can be created for free on PFPMaker.com, with additional styles available.
  • Ideal for LinkedIn, CV/Resume, Instagram, Messenger, Social Media, Business Cards, and Email Signatures.
  • The AI Portrait Editor lets users customize filters, backgrounds, and themes.


  • Profile Picture Maker styles may be limited compared to other tools.
  • While user-friendly, the platform may lack extensive customization possibilities compared to premium competitors.
  • Some users may find the styles less varied than other AI applications.

Pricing and Plan

Free Plan

Simply upload a photo and obtain essential AI-powered upgrades such as background corrections and clarity improvements for free.


1. How can I achieve the most outstanding results?

Try uploading more diverse photographs in different settings, with various facial expressions and styles. Better results are obtained by uploading 4-8 face close-ups with shoulders and 10-12 full-body images.

2. What photographs are not permitted?

Please do not upload anything you do not want to see publicly; this is the fundamental best-practice rule of the internet. Also, no children or nudity is acceptable (beachwear/lingerie is acceptable).

3. How will you use my photographs?

Your images are used just for internal AI processing; we do not and will not share them with third parties or anybody without your permission. We take privacy issues seriously.

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