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Top 7 Best AI Tools for Video Editing

Best AI Tools for Video Editing

Video has become a must-have for many enterprises today, including content creation, marketing, and entertainment. Video editing has become more accessible, efficient, and effective with the development of AI technology. Nowadays, artificial intelligence tools have revolutionized video editing by automating processes, adding smart features, and ensuring incredible accuracy.

In this post, we will examine some of the best AI tools for video editing. These are software-based solutions that have various features that can help you develop your videography skills without having to spend too much money. Whether you are a professional editor or just an enthusiast trying to improve the quality of your videos, are these AI-driven applications a solution for how to create AI videos?


The Best AI Video Editing Tools

  • VEED.IO: Smoothly edit videos by changing the script, making the process easier.
  • Synthesia: An innovative tool for experimenting with generative AI in video creation.
  • Pictory: Pictory, explicitly designed for content marketing teams, uses AI to speed video creation.
  • ClipChamp: Transform everyday footage into exciting content for a variety of social media platforms.
  • Kapwing: Kapwing’s AI-infused tools simplify video editing processes.
  • DeepBrain AI: Intelligent algorithms and automation can open up new video creative possibilities.
  • Wise Cut: Repurpose your material with ease and speed, from lengthy to short form.

What differentiates the most effective AI video generator?

Advanced Generative Models

Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and Variational Autoencoders (VAEs) are used in creating deep learning architectures that are up-to-date and capable of generating realistic high-definition videos.

Customization Options

Individualization is allowed in video generation as it can be adjusted according to one’s personal choices such as style, content, duration, and resolution.

Easy to Use

There is a user-friendly interface and simple controls that allow for fast video making even by people who do not have any technical knowledge about it.

Content Variety

It makes all types of videos like promotional ads, social media stuff, presentations, educational ones, etc. so that they could be helpful for a wide range of purposes and objectives.

Integration With Existing Tools

It blends well with other video editing tools, content management systems, or platforms thereby speeding up workflows and quickly incorporating the generated movies into existing projects or campaigns.

AI-powered enhancements

The video creation process is accelerated while ensuring that the output quality improves through such AI-powered capabilities as; automatic video editing, scene detection, object recognition, and content summaries.

Real-time Feedback and Previews

Real-time feedback and previewing make it possible for users to quickly assess films created on the go while adjustments can be made midway before checking the desired results prior to finishing the output.

Scalability and Performance

Scalability allows for efficient handling of large-scale video-generating jobs, and high-performance outcomes are routinely delivered, even with complex or resource-intensive video-generation processes.

Regular Updates and Support

Regular updates and improvements are provided to improve functionality, handle user comments, and adapt to changing trends and technologies, all backed up by thorough customer support and documentation.

Affordability and accessibility

Provides reasonable pricing plans or flexible subscription models, making the AI video-generating tool available to individuals, small businesses, and enterprises alike, without sacrificing quality or functionality.

The top AI video generators at a glance

  Best For Platforms Free Plan
VEED.IO Editing video by editing the script Windows, Mac, iOS, Android (Web for some features) Yes, offers a free plan with limited features and watermarked output, ideal for individuals and small projects
Synthesia Polishing video with AI tools Web No
Pictory Experimenting with generative AI Web Yes, with 125 video credits (used for AI features), 3 projects, and 720p export
ClipChamp Enhancing videos effortlessly with AI-driven editing capabilities Windows, Mac, iOS, Android Yes, offers a free plan with basic features and limited export options suitable for personal use or small projects
Kapwing Simplifying video editing tasks Web Yes, provides a free plan with basic features and limited export options, ideal for casual users or small-scale projects
DeepBrain AI Cutting-edge AI technology meets video editing Web May offer a free trial or demo version for users to test the platform’s capabilities, but full access may require a subscription or payment
Wise Cut Seamless video editing with an AI-powered platform Web Yes, offers a free plan with basic features and limited export options suitable for individuals or small businesses exploring the platform



Of all beginners’ platforms for AI video editing, VEED.IO is among the best. It comes with a basic and user-friendly UI.

VEED.IO shares most of its functionality with the other two discussed earlier in this article.

It allows you to change the movie’s frame rate so that it runs faster or slower and gets rid of backgrounds with just one click button.


  • You can add a video and alter its framerate.
  • Subtitles can be added with the help of AI.
  • You can also translate the audio into multiple languages.
  • You can also add subtitles in many languages.


  • Easy to use.
  • API capabilities
  • Competitive pricing for many features.


  • Occasional bugs and crashes.
  • Limited for sophisticated editing.
  • The free version has limited functionality.

First-time content creators looking for an easy-to-use application to post their material should use this tool.

2. Synthe sia


If you can make professional videos without shooting any frames, Synthesia is your go-to. It combines robust artificial intelligence automation, hundreds of avatars, templates, over 120 languages, and other functionalities that will enable you to make films at a fraction of the cost.

This is another AI video producer that allows you to easily create videos by just giving the site information about what you want to create. Additionally, Synthesia is among the best AI tools for video editing free.


  • Synthesia offers the option of including an AI avatar in your video.
  • This can talk into the video about anything you want it to.
  • You can change avatars by choosing from a vast selection.
  • It is also available in a variety of voices.


  • A wide range of avatars, tones, and languages to pick from.
  • Professional-quality templates and overlays
  • Free educational resources.


  • Limited AI voice-over and audio-sync capabilities.
  • Lack of API access
  • Limited compared to professional videos.

Offer owners and content marketers who want professional videos at a reasonable cost should use this tool.

3. Pictory


Pictory is capable of transforming any script or long-form video into short-form entertainment with high performance using its robust editing tool and adaptive AI capabilities.

Just upload your script, and Pictory’s AI technologies will turn it into a video sales letter complete with music, stock footage, voice-overs, and more!

In fact this automatically puts captions in every kind of video which makes your content more accessible to iOS and Android viewers.


  • It can produce short videos in a snap.
  • From Script to Sales Letter
  • Auto captions


  • Easy to generate short-form material automatically.
  • Increases access to video sales letters.
  • Effective for video producers, coaches, bloggers, social media firms, and more.


  • Limited voice-over capabilities.
  • Can only transcribe video, not audio.
  • Limited customization and software compatibility.


4. ClipChamp


ClipChamp is an online video editor that utilizes AI to assist people in rapidly creating great quality videos. It has different features such as clip trimming, cropping, text addition and filters. ClipChamp also has AI-powered features like automatic color correction and background removal making it useful for newbies as well as expert video editors.


  • The user interface is simple and intuitive.
  • AI-powered tools for color correction and background removal.
  • Trimming, cropping, adding text, and applying filters are among the many editing capabilities available.
  • Cloud-based storage allows you to easily access your projects from anywhere.


  • Free to use, with optional premium features.
  • Fast and efficient editing.
  • Suitable for both new and expert editors.
  • No software download is required.


  • Advanced editing features are limited in comparison to professional software.
  • Some features may require a paid subscription.
  • ClipChamp is a good solution for those looking for a free, user-friendly video editor with AI-powered capabilities.

5. Kapwing


Kapwing is user-friendly and has been a favorite AI video generator app for a long time. It produces beautiful things with just some clicks of the mouse. The software’s interface is intuitive and easy to use.


  • Kapwing allows you to reduce background noise with a single click.
  • The built-in AI can edit and improve your photos.
  • AI can be used to create high-quality memes.
  • Just type and the AI will generate an image or video for use in videos.


  • Kapwing Video Editor includes a Smart Cut option that automatically removes video silence.
  • You may also eliminate the background from a movie without using a green screen.
  • It comes with a number of AI functions, including the ability to create videos from simple scripts.


  • For trial edition users, Kapwing Video Maker adds a watermark to their videos.
  • In its free version, you can export videos as short as 4 minutes.

6. DeepBrain AI

DeepBrain AI

DeepBrain AI is one of the best online AI video creators because of its remarkable features and services. This video editing app lets you do things like realistic natural text-to-speech in over 80 languages, plus 100+ lifelike AI voices, AI avatars, and advanced text-to-video capabilities – all in one AI video generator app. With its AI-powered video generator, you can create exciting, professional films using any ChatGPT prompt, URL or PowerPoint presentation.


  • Easily convert text to speech in more than 80 languages.
  • Choose from more than 100 distinct avatars.
  • Connect with a worldwide audience with no language barriers.
  • Captures every detail about its models, including their accents, attitudes, and habits.


  • DeepBrain AI’s cardinal characteristic enables the rapid development of AI video content.
  • Multilingual support effectively serves global, multicultural audiences and enterprises.
  • Reduces spending on video production by eliminating the need for a physical set of performers.


  • Services are only available online, making them inaccessible in areas without reliable internet service.
  • The quality of the output is determined by the input scripts; if the scripts are not precise, the results may falter.
  • Artistic nuance may be lacking when compared to human actors playing leading roles.

7. Wise Cut


It is one of the finest case tools that will help you make your videos shorter and more funnier. Nowadays we all know that short videos are getting more and more popular on many platforms hence Wise Cut has been developed specially for them.


  • This application allows you to edit long videos into shorter, sharper pieces.
  • It also generates subtitles, increasing the video’s reach.
  • The subtitles are very accurate and may be altered as well.
  • It’s an excellent addition to the list of the top best AI video editing tools.


  • It utilizes artificial intelligence and speech recognition to edit videos automatically and rapidly.
  • It can generate short videos from long-form content for a variety of platforms.
  • It can increase video quality by adding subtitles, translations, background music, and audio ducking.
  • It has a storyboard-based editing tool that enables simple text and scene alteration.
  • It provides a free plan and reasonable price alternatives.


  • It may not be appropriate for intricate or creative video editing jobs that demand greater control and customization.
  • It may not support all video formats and languages.
  • It could have faults or flaws in AI-generated features like subtitles or music selection.
  • It may have restricted storage space or processing speed, depending on the plan.
  • It could have privacy or security implications when uploading and storing video files online.

Wrapping It Up

Video editing is one of the applications that artificial intelligence is now bringing to the masses. These free best AI video editing tools can give you a wide range of features and functions that will assist you in making professional-looking videos without spending too much money. 

For beginners looking to enhance their editing skills or seasoned editors seeking efficient tools, these AI-enabled platforms have got you covered. This could be fundamental tasks like cropping or it could be more advanced functionalities such as automatic removal of background and color correction which make videos easier, better, and funnier to edit.


Is the AI editor free?

Some AI-based editing tools offer free versions or trials; however, many powerful AI editors may require subscription plans or one-time purchases instead. Therefore, it is essential to look at all available options and choose the one that suits your needs best.

Is there an AI capable of editing videos?

Yes, there are different types of video editing software powered by AI on the market. Artificial intelligence (AI) based technologies utilize algorithms that enable automation of various parts of video editing process including scene detection object tracking and content creation.

How do I use artificial intelligence to generate videos?

Creating videos using AI usually entails employing specialist software or web platforms built for AI-assisted video editing. Users can submit footage, and AI algorithms can help speed up the editing process by proposing cuts, improving graphics, and even automatically producing material depending on user preferences.

What is the best AI video editor?

The “best” AI video editor is determined by your personal preferences, needs, and the precise features you value most. Some prominent best AI video editing tools include Adobe Premiere Pro, which has AI-powered capabilities like Auto Reframe and Scene Edit Detection, as well as other dedicated platforms like Lumen5 for social media video creation and Magisto for simple, automated editing. It’s a good idea to try out multiple alternatives to discover which one best suits your editing style and project requirements.

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