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Unriddle is a program powered by artificial intelligence that aids research acceleration among students, academics, and professionals.
Pricing Model: Freemium
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What is Unriddle AI?

Unriddle is an intelligent platform designed to help you deal with information overload and comprehend intricate subjects. It comes with features such as AI research assistant, contextual links, AI- enhanced writing, visualization tools and supports for multiple languages.


  • Highlight & identify

When you highlight any text, it will employ the power of AI in your search library to find relevant sources, which saves time for citation searches.

  • AI-Powered Assistant

Get instant answers to your research questions right in the paper, like having a personal researcher at hand.

  • Works Offline

Without internet connectivity, summaries and some other previously used features can be accessed.

  • Contextual Understanding

Unriddle is more than just summarizing. It understands your research context and may answer direct questions based on what you have submitted. This is like working with a virtual researcher who can provide specific details or clarify more about what was said before.

  • Improved Reading and Comprehension

Unriddle simplifies the language and highlights key concepts, allowing you to better understand complex topics. This is especially beneficial for academic papers and technical publications.

How to Use Unriddle AI?

  • Submit a research paper, article, or text.
  • It instantly generates a shorter version that emphasizes key points.
  • It responds to your inquiries on the text in the same way as a research assistant would.

Who is Using Unriddle AI?

  • Unriddle’s capacity to swiftly synthesize research papers and answer particular inquiries is useful for students, scholars, and professionals in a variety of sectors.
  • Unriddle helps students understand complex concepts in textbooks or articles, making learning more efficient.
  • Summarization and research aids can be useful for authors who need to collect knowledge and write about a variety of themes.

What Makes Unriddle AI Unique?

Unriddle separates for its advanced AI assistant, which detects and summarises content, improves writing, and supports different languages. Its connection with web browsers and real-time collaborative tools improves usability.

Unriddle goes beyond simple summary. It functions as a virtual research assistant, understanding the context of your work and answering follow-up questions directly related to the topic.

Unriddle stands out as a multilingual powerhouse since it works with over 90 languages, making it ideal for academics who need to access material from varied sources that are not in English.

Pros and Cons


  • Saves time by instantly identifying crucial points in documents.
  • Answers your queries immediately within the text, like a research assistant.
  • Makes complicated concepts easy to comprehend.
  • You may access summaries and other features without the internet.


  • It focuses on summarizing and answering questions but may lack the advanced features of other research tools.
  • Processing requires document uploading, which may not operate well with live web pages.

Pricing and Plan

Free Plan

Ideal for trying out Unriddle. It allows you to summarize 15 documents per month and upload 5 documents, with limited storage.

Pro Plan

It costs $16 per month. Unlimited summaries and uploads with extra storage space.

Premium Plan

It includes $24/month. It Includes advanced AI models and early access to new features, as well as additional storage and priority support.


1. What document types can Unriddle AI handle?

Unriddle works with a variety of text forms, including research papers, articles, and web pages.

2. Does Unriddle AI function offline?

Certain features, such as previously visited summaries, may be available offline. However, the key feature that requires real-time analysis will most likely require an internet connection.

3. Is Unriddle AI free?

Unriddle AI may offer a free plan with limited functionality; however, price information is best obtained from their website.

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