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KOMO is the perfect AI powered SEO Tool. Boost your website's visibility and all over performance with this AI Tool.
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What is Komo Search?

Komo Search is a generative AI-powered search engine that changes user experience. It offers private, fast, and ad-free search space which enables people to do their searches without any interruptions. The most important features of this innovative product are the “Chat” function for profound conversations with an AI assistant and the “Explore” tool to stay updated on community debates.


  • Private Search Engine

Komo AI ensures user privacy and an ad-free search experience where they can discover things quickly without worrying about being tracked or disturbed by invasive ads.

  • Chat Feature

This app has an interactive chat feature that allows users to dig deep into topics, brainstorm or have well-informed conversations.

  • Advanced AI Technology

The search engine of Komo AI utilizes generative artificial intelligence technology to give users more relevant and comprehensive search results.

  • Content summarization and bookmarking

Komo AI can summarize and bookmark web content so that users can manage and study information better.

  • Informed Discussions

Apart from just fetching answers, the platform enables users to engage in knowledgeable discussions with the system thereby helping them understand issues better as well as widen their knowledge base.

How To Use Komo Search?

  • Start by launching Komo AI on your device.
  • Komo AI includes three significant features: chat, explore, and search. Choose the one that best meets your needs.
  • To utilize the chat tool, type your question and select the “Chat” option.
  • To utilize the Explore tool, type your query and then click the “Explore” button. This function allows you to search across all social media networks for a specific topic.
  • To use the search option, simply type in what you’re looking for and click “search”. This tool allows you to quickly find what you’re looking for.
  • Examine the results produced by Komo AI. Rather than simply providing a list of websites, the tool delivers direct answers to your questions.

Who is using Komo Search?

  • Academics and students can utilize Komo.ai to research a topic of interest. The AI-powered search engine delivers complete results, allowing for deeper comprehension and study.
  • Companies can use Komo AI for business intelligence. It can help organizations collect relevant data and make informed decisions.
  • Banks and financial businesses can incorporate Komo AI into their systems to improve the user experience and provide better services.
  • Individuals who want speedy and efficient search results can profit from Komo.ai. The AI-powered assistant navigates search results and delivers more information as needed.
  • Immersive experiences enable brands to build engaging consumer campaigns, acquire rich first and zero-party data, and increase sales.

What makes Komo Search Unique?

It’s a driven AI search engine that prioritizes user searches and provides interactive elements for a more personalized experience. Discover, chat, and explore with Komo Search, a revolutionary way to locate information online.

Pros & Cons


  • Private, ad-free searching
  • AI-powered, relevant search results
  • Engaging in community interactions.
  • Quick answers and resources.


  • Limited search choices.

Pricing & Plan


Users pay $8 per month for unlimited AI search using Komo’s default RAG model, access to limitless human opinions from the community, and greater research mode questions (up to 30 per day) that will be available soon.


This plan costs $15 per month and includes all Basic capabilities, as well as limitless AI search from Komo’s premium RAG model, more research mode inquiries (up to 300 per day) coming shortly, and a personalized homepage.


This package is configurable, therefore consumers must contact Komo for pricing. It includes API access, an AI Search app, third-party integrations, and personalized assistance via direct communication with the Komo team.


 1. Is Komo AI accurate?

Komo is a cutting-edge AI-powered search engine that aims to provide an accurate, fast, and enjoyable search experience.

 2. What is Komo Search?

Komo Search is a search engine powered by generative AI that offers a private, quick, and ad-free search experience.

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