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Alaya AI, businesses and AI applications can build a sustainable ecosystem that combines social commerce, data annotation, and data gathering.
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What is Alaya AI?

Alaya AI is a completely open-source Web3 AI data platform that helps with data collection and labeling. Assisting different AI projects with secure, scalable, and high-quality data is its primary goal. Alaya AI, in its simplest form, is a platform that allows communication between those who build AI networks and those who offer or contribute data individually.


  • Gamification

Alaya AI provides game-based training tools for gathering high-quality data.

  • Collecting data and labeling

It provides a full range of data services, such as data gathering, annotation, classification, and transcription.

  •  A Blockchain-based platform.

AI uses blockchain to get more people involved in the community and keep data from being centralized.

  • Expert Achievement System

Alaya AI has a service where you can complete tasks and quizzes and get NFTs and other rewards.

  • Security

Data is protected by Alaya AI through encryption, access limits, and anonymization, ensuring its security.

How does Alaya ai work?

If people want to know how Alaya AI works, they can make a request by writing a report about the data they need. If the request matches the supplier’s needs, they will give you all the information without any problems. The smart agreement goes with the working contract.

Who is Using Alaya AI?

1. AI training

For ideal businesses that need a large, distributed dataset for AI training and verification, this platform is great.

2. Community Building

Alaya.AI is ideal for companies that want to create a user-centered community that can gather data and learn from it.

3. Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, it can replace labor-intensive manual processes by collecting and labeling specific types of specialized data. Assisted by Alaya. With the help of AI, patients may quickly find doctors and get excellent treatment. Enhancing patient care and streamlining operations are both made easy by it. In order to give their patients the best care possible, healthcare providers can use this app to enhance their services.

What Makes Alaya AI Unique?

  • Alaya AI understands the needs of AI model makers by hearing about their projects. Alaya AI comes up with algorithm-assisted jobs and gives them to different AI Data Communities. It gets samples or notes from the data providers or contributors that are applicable.
  • Alaya AI checks the data quality and sends it on to the Alaya AI group that builds the AI models.
  • The platform that is gamified connects data communities with AI through Social Commerce and gives the AI business safe, high-quality data.

Also, Alaya AI has more than 800,000 registered users, more than 110K+ active users, and more than 90K transactions every day.

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable compared to other data providers.
  • Collects and marks data quickly and accurately.
  • Utilizes game-based rewards.
  • Blockchain technology, GDPR policy, zero-knowledge, and cryptographic methods can be used to improve privacy.
  • It stores and protects data in a decentralized way.
  • Built-in quality checks make sure that AI training is accurate.


  • Data collection depends a lot on what users do.
  • A tough path to follow for newcomers.
  • The platform is still not fully stable because it is new.

Pricing & Plan

Plan Customization: Alaya AI lets you choose your own price based on your needs. People who want to use Alaya AI should get in touch with them personally to get a quote that fits their needs.


1. What kind of data does Alaya AI give you?

Alaya AI gives you a lot of different kinds of data, like pictures, voices, writing, videos, and more.

2. How does Alaya AI protect my privacy and safety?

Alaya AI protects user data with zero-knowledge encryption and keeps track of all exchanges on a blockchain, which is waiting with strict privacy rules like GDPR.

3. How much is Alaya AI?

The price information for Alaya AI is not available to the public on their website as of April 2024. Businesses and people who are interested may need to get in touch with Alaya AI directly to get price information that fits their needs.

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