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Top 10 AI Audio Generators Tools to Use in 2024

AI Audio Generators Tools
  • Audio and the spoken word have not been given equal press attention, but AI developers are pulling out all stops to produce human-like AI speech projects. But what is AI voice? A wide range of voice or speech programs can be created using AI such as conversational chatbots and voices for music tunes.
  • The open-source AI community is a pacesetter in this area and has created some of the most incredible speech tools available today. However, with so many varied initiatives, choosing the best ones is difficult.

How do AI voice generators work?

Text-to-speech technology is applied by AI voice generators to convert written words into audio. How text-to-speech systems generate spoken language can be broken down into several steps.

Step 1: Text Processing

Firstly, the voice generator transforms textual language into phonetical/literal form.

Step 2: Linguistic Modeling

Pronunciation, emphasis, and intonation are established using linguistic rules by the generator that drives an AI-based voice.

Step 3: Acoustic Modeling

At this stage, auditory patterns of human speech are generated from these learned linguistic features by the voice generator.

Step 4: Prosody Modeling

To make some sounds more real, various tricks like pitch changes and alterations in speed or inflection are employed by several techniques used by the voice generator.

Step 5: Waveform generation

  • Finally, these acoustic patterns are converted to a continuous audio waveform that creates the final product.
  • These linked models work together to provide coherent spoken output from text input, making AI speech valuable technology for appointment reminders, customer service, music, and other applications.
  • Today, we’ll look at our top recommendations for open-source AI speech projects and how they’re paving the way for voice applications that don’t require expensive equipment or expertise.


Explore here best AI Audio Generators tools:-

1. Synthesia


  • Synthesia is one of the AI video makers that comes with a text-to-speech tool within its editor. Synthesis is amongst them for creating videos and audio presentations by both male and female voices. In a nutshell, it features approximately 400 different male/ female artificial intelligence voices you can choose from in over 120 languages.
  • An array of accents is constantly being added to this collection. This can be done using SSML tags (Speech Synthesis Markup Language) to make an AI voice sound more natural.


  • You can select from a large selection of languages, accents, and AI voices.
  • With an AI presenter, you may convert your text into both audio and video.
  • Listen to the AI voice describing your text before making the audio/video.


  • It takes some time to match your preferred avatar with an appropriate AI voice.
  • It cannot pronounce certain words, thus you may need to use phonetic spelling. 

2. Play.ht


Play.ht is a good choice for those who need professional-sounding text-to-speech audio being created through high-quality technology. There are plenty of synthetic voices available on Play.ht which are suitable for podcasts, films, or article writing.

It is an advanced online platform that allows you to convert any written content into speech easily. The resultant audio may be made unique by applying various speaking styles as well as pronunciation.


  • It provides a vast collection of natural-sounding AI voices in a variety of languages and dialects.
  • It allows users to change the speech styles, pronunciations, and SSML tags in the resulting audio.
  • It offers unlimited downloads and projects for premium and enterprise plans.
  • It provides the best AI voice cloning, allowing you to create personalized voices.


  • For users with the free plan, attribution to Play.ht is required.
  • It does not provide unlimited voice generation for premium plan users.
  • It may be unable to pronounce certain difficult words or acronyms accurately.
  • It is relatively pricey when compared to other text-to-speech tools.


Lovo AI voice generators

  • Another excellent AI voice generator for free you can use which enables you to create hyper-realistic and engaging AI voices that will keep your listeners hooked up with your message or storyline is LOVO.AI It’s an advanced type of AI voice generator aimed at helping lower production times, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency.
  • Several tuning options are there in the LOVO text-to-speech generator. You will find everything from sound types to accents in it so that you can deliver quality and fun auditory materials to your clients within seconds!


  • The service offers many natural-sounding AI voices in many languages and dialects.
  • Users can adjust AI voice emotion, speed, and tone on the website.
  • Voiceover and text-to-speech creation are accessible on the internet.
  • The website offers many voice actors and genres for diverse material.


  • Internet access is needed to use the AI voice generator and text-to-speech platform.
  • The webpage may not capture human speech and expression’s intricacies.
  • The website may not have all the voices or languages consumers require for content.
  • The website may limit AI voiceover and text-to-speech material use and distribution.

4. Murf.AI


Podcasts, audiobooks, videos, professional presentations, and more are all things that the Murf.AI can do. It enables you to change the voice texture as well as the tone and pitch of your audio to make it sound like human speech.

The powerful AI voice-generating tool provides numerous modification options to let you produce the most natural-sounding voices. It is a strong tool with a user-friendly interface and a wide range of natural-sounding accents and languages to pick from.


  • It provides an array of natural-sounding AI voices in many languages and dialects.
  • It lets you submit your films, music, or photographs and match them with a voice of your choosing.


  • Using the free AI voice generator requires an online connection.
  • It may be unable to capture the nuances and emotions of human speech in various situations.

5. Resemble.AI


  • Resemble.AI is one of the most interesting AI voice-generating programs, allowing you to make a human-like and realistic voice in seconds.
    • In addition to text-to-speech, the advanced platform provides speech-to-speech, language dubbing, and neural audio editing capabilities.
  • Resemble is a web-based platform. AI provides a variety of customizable settings and an API that may seamlessly integrate into your workflow. The API can quickly retrieve content, make clips, and create high-quality AI voices.


  • It can generate realistic, configurable AI voices from any speech source in seconds.
  • It can add emotions, languages, and speech-to-speech conversions to the voice without requiring any more input.


  • It may bring ethical and legal issues with voice cloning, deepfake detection, and consent.
  • To develop high-quality and diverse voices, a significant amount of data and processing power may be required.

6. Synthesys


  • Synthesys is a powerful free AI voice generator that allows you to convert text into natural-sounding speech with a single click. From educators and podcasters to marketers and authors, the AI text-to-speech technology has the potential to change the game for everyone.
  • This is not just an AI voice creation tool with such sophisticated and flexible features. It can give you real emotions when it comes to the audio, controlling its speed and pitch levels, breaking it up with appropriate pauses, and getting a sneak preview of what your voiceover will sound like.


  • High-quality AI-generated voices that sound realistic and humanlike.
  • Conversational AI chatbot that uses real-time data from Google.
  • Customize your voice tone, pitch, and pace with a variety of choices.


  • The customization possibilities can be limited.
  • Voices and avatars seem and appear lifelike, yet you may be able to tell they were made using AI.

7. ElevenLabs

Elevenlabs AI voice generators

ElevenLabs is another popular Best AI voice generator for free that lets you create high-quality realistic AI voices easily. Its deep learning models help make good quality audio outputs, a wide variety of speech parameters, and emotion mapping.

ElevenLabs is an excellent tool for making AI voices in podcasts, videos, or audiobooks.


  • Its customizable and realistic AI speech program can read any text in any voice and style.
  • Users can clone sounds from samples or create fresh synthetic voices in its voice lab.
  • Users can direct and alter narration with complete creative control using its project function.


  • It’s in beta and may have flaws that influence service quality or performance.
  • It may encounter legal or ethical problems from voice owners or users who object to cloning or using their voices.
  • It may compete with Descript, Resemble AI, and Replica Studios, which offer AI speech synthesis and voice cloning.

8. Speechify

Speechify AI voice generators

Speechify is among the most renowned AI voice generators which allows people to produce high quality natural-sounding voices. This advanced platform can turn PDFs, documents, e-books, or emails into audible files that can be heard.

The text-to-speech platform is highly functional and user-friendly. It allows you to change your listening speed while reading up to nine times faster than usual, helping you learn more in less time. Additionally, it works both on the web as well as mobile applications.


  • Speechify creates natural-sounding sounds from any text.
  • Speechify helps consumers absorb, focus, and remember content by listening instead of reading.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow and Snoop Dogg are among Speechify’s high-quality AI voices.


  • It may misinterpret some messages’ tone, emotion, and context.
  • It may not support desired languages or accents.
  • It may need internet or data for some services or voices.
  • It may compete with other text-to-speech apps or services with comparable or superior functionalities.

9. Listnr


Listnr is an AI voice generator that claims to offer some of the most significant AI voices available. The generator includes an extensive collection of voices that can be used to generate voiceovers for online courses, explainer videos, advertisements, and more. 

Listnr allows you to record and edit podcasts directly from the dashboard. Furthermore, you can modify the embed module offered by Listnr within their platform.


  • It offers free podcast streaming.
  • Finding and playing podcasts is easy with its straightforward design.
  • It provides news, comedy, education, and other podcasts in multiple languages.
  • Create playlists and follow your favorite podcasts.
  • Listeners can share and discover podcasts using its social feature.


  • It doesn’t allow offline podcast listening.
  • It has no mobile app for podcasts.
  • It doesn’t enable podcast ratings or reviews.
  • It has no premium option for ad-free listening or exclusive content.
  • It may lack some podcasts from other platforms.

10. Clipchamp

Clipchamp AI voice generators

Being one of the best video creation tools, Clipchamp also integrates the AI voice generation aspect. Moreover, from your browser, you can slice, glue, import, and capture clips. 

Besides editing videos, it incorporates a text-to-speech tool that can let you type in some text and have it transformed into an AI-generated voiceover for any video project you may have.


  • Clipchamp is an easy-to-use interface for all skill levels.
  • The audio tool enables users to edit, divide, merge, change volume, apply effects, and more to customize their recordings.
  • Clipchamp allows web-based audio editing without software, making it simple and flexible.


  • Clipchamp’s audio tool supports basic editing but not advanced effects, MIDI, or waveforms.
  • It requires a strong internet connection, which may be difficult for mobile users or regions with poor connectivity.
  • It may restrict audio uploads and edits.

How do you choose the best AI Audio Generators?

  1. Ultimately, selecting the right AI voice generators boils down to aspects such as the quality of the voice produced by it, its customization flexibility or integrability convenience, and pricing level.
  2. Listen to samples from different platforms or try them out yourself to ensure that you evaluate how good these voices sound when they are created. 
  3. Naturalness is among the characteristics that should be found in voices when choosing them.
  4. Then you need to evaluate whether this generated voice meets your particular needs or not by looking at such customization options as pitch, tone, and speaking speed provided by the AI voice generator. 
  5. Moreover, assess how easily accessible your current systems or apps are regarding their integration simplicity since seamless integration can boost workflow efficiency.
  6. Finally, check if there is a flexible pricing structure as well as extra features and support services available which will help determine its cost-effectiveness for your project/organization.

Wrapping It Up

Most AI voice generators are designed to handle a variety of accents and languages, allowing users to reach a global audience. These AI technologies feature a diverse range of language and accent skills, allowing users to select options that are appropriate for their project, whatever it demands.


1. What are the benefits and applications of AI voice generator tools?

AI voice generators produce natural-sounding voices, improving the user experience with virtual assistants, customer support bots, and accessibility aids. They also make it easier to create content for podcasts, audiobooks, and ads.

2. Why Use an AI Voice Generator?

AI speech generators produce lifelike and configurable synthetic voices, increasing user engagement and happiness. They provide scalability, flexibility, and efficiency for delivering individualized audio experiences while lowering production costs.

3. How does an AI voice generator work?

AI voice generators investigate linguistic patterns and phonetic structures in big datasets of human speech recordings using deep learning techniques. They generate voice waveforms from text input, altering settings for pitch, tone, and cadence to simulate natural human speech.

4. How does Eleven.AI work?

Eleven.ai uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to create high-quality synthetic voices that are both realistic and expressive. It uses deep neural networks to reproduce human speech patterns and provides simple customization options for individualized audio experiences.

5. Is there a free AI voice generator?

Some AI speech generators provide free versions or trials, while more complex platforms often require subscriptions or pay-per-use models. There are free or open-source options for essential speech synthesis, but they must be evaluated for features and restrictions.

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