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Consensus is a useful tool for any student who wants to speed up their research process and improve the quality of their work.
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What is Consensus?

Consensus is a search engine. It employs AI to locate research materials for scientific study. Consensus AI delivers evidence-based answers faster.

It strives to make expert knowledge available and consumable to all. So you don’t have to try to identify reliable sources and gather knowledge after a lot of effort.


  • Quick Analysis

It speedily evaluates a large number of research publications. Provide unbiased information in a short period of time. It relieves you of the painful task of struggling with research.

  • Extensive coverage of peer-reviewed papers

Consensus AI provides a comprehensive collection of peer-reviewed publications, allowing users to access the most recent research in a variety of domains.

  • Intuitive Natural Language Search

Consensus AI enables users to search for information in natural language, making it easier to identify relevant research and data fast.

  • Time Savings in Research and Literature Review

Consensus AI saves users time on research and literature reviews by giving a streamlined way to acquire critical information.

  • Evidence Supporting Work and Decision-Making

AI provides users with evidence to support their work and decision-making processes, allowing them to make educated decisions based on verified data.

  • Easy access to expert insights

Consensus AI provides easy access to expert insights, allowing consumers to leverage the knowledge and expertise of professionals in a variety of industries.

How to use Consensus?

  • Sign in to Consensus AI’s website or app.
  • Ask a question.
  • You can ask simple Yes/No questions, links between concepts, and the impact of a topic.
  • Enter to get the study summary and systematic review.
  • The Consensus allows you to preserve lists of searches.

Who is using Consensus?

  • Students and researchers should streamline their literature reviews and use summaries and citation analysis to gain a better understanding.
  • Science Organizations quickly verify facts about ingredients, chemicals, or molecules to make informed decisions.
  • Clinicians and Doctors get reliable answers to patient inquiries, offer easily digestible information, and locate important citations for future reference.

What Makes Consensus Unique?

The consensus app offers you with credible and fact-checked information. It employs a network of AI algorithms to cross-reference and confirm information from several sources.

There are no advertisements on this search engine. As a result, consumers can navigate smoothly and uninterrupted. It makes pages load faster and improves the overall user experience. You can find scientific research without distractions.

Pros and Cons


  • Focuses on peer-reviewed articles as a trustworthy source for academic research on a variety of topics.
  • Citations are included for all results to ensure openness and source verification.
  • Summaries, analysis, and an accessible search interface help to simplify research and literature reviews.


  • Does not offer broader online search skills, which may result in missing non-academic but valuable information.
  • As a relatively new tool, it may not be as comprehensive as established academic databases.
  • While summaries save time, users should still read the original publications for a thorough understanding.

Pricing and Plan

The Free Plan

Allows for limitless searches, study quality indicators, and AI-powered filters. It also comes with 20 AI credits per month for services such as summaries, citation analysis tools, and a writing help.

Premium Plan

It costs $8.99 per month). This plan includes everything in the free plan, as well as unlimited usage of all AI-powered features, the ability to bookmark and create lists.


1. Does Consensus provide a free trial?

No, there is no separate free trial, although the free plan allows you to test the tool’s fundamental functionality.

2. What type of information can I find using Consensus?

Consensus focuses on scientific research. Therefore, you’ll discover material from peer-reviewed articles on a variety of academic subjects.

3. Are the results reliable?

Consensus focuses on academic publications, therefore the results are generally dependable and respectable. They also provide citations for every result, allowing you to check .

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