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Brooklyn-based Scite tool helps academics find and understand research publications by providing Smart Citations that show the context and whether the item provides supporting or contrasting evidence.
Pricing Model: Paid
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What is Scite?

Scite’s Smart Citations technology for finding and assessing scientific articles is outstanding. By including the citation’s context and a categorization indicating whether it offers supporting or opposing evidence for the referenced assertion, Smart Citations enables readers to view the citations for a publication.

Researchers, students, and evaluators of research can quickly locate important and well-supported results by viewing all citations in one spot.


  • Citation Statements

Scite has extracted and analyzed 1.2 billion citation statements.

  • Coverage

The platform covers 187 million articles, book chapters, preprints, and datasets.

  • Trusted by Leading Institutions

It is used by leading universities, publishers, and corporations worldwide.

  • Report Page

Which lets you quickly see how other people have mentioned a certain work

  • Reference Check

This lets you upload a manuscript and quickly see how other people have mentioned the sources you used and whether any have been retracted or have editorial notices.

  • Advanced Search

It lets you look for topics and narrow your results by how well the claims made in different papers are backed or contrasted.

How Does Scite Work?

The Scite platform examines datasets, papers, chapters, preprints, and books with over 1.2 billion citation assertions. The Scite deep learning model sorts citations according to whether they offer corroborating or contradicting evidence.

Smart Citations, which show the citation’s context and explain its connection to the claimed item, are the outcome of this process. Users can simply assess the reception and reliability of research results with Smart Citations.

Who is Using Scite?

  • Industry and Pharma
  • Publishers and Institutions
  • Students
  • Researchers
  • Universities & Governments

What Makes Scite Unique?

  1. Researchers will find scite.ai to be an invaluable tool due to its many useful features To uncover unique ideas or evidence in your chosen area, you can look for citation statements.
  2. To keep tabs on and compare sets of articles, you can make dashboards. Journal and institution metrics allow you to view their rankings and publications.
  3. Through interactive graphs, you can see how different articles reference one another. Scite Assistant is an AI-driven chatbot that can assist you with basic research queries and drafting and identifying sources.

Pros & Cons


  • Users can view the citations of research publications together with their context and whether the citations are considered supportive or contradicting evidence.

  • It helps users identify relevant, well-supported results and interesting arguments, evaluate article groups, and show research linkages.

  • With the help of its AI-powered assistant, users may get easy queries answered, essay or paragraph drafts created, and research activities backed by information from articles.


  • All features and the entire article database are accessible with a subscription price.

  • It might be missing some languages or study topics, and it might have incorrect or incomplete citation declarations.

Pricing & Plan

Free Plan

Limited access to features.

Paid Plan

$20/month, includes a 7-day free trial for new users


1. What classifies citations?

A deep learning model is taught to recognize three types of citation statements: those that include alternative or supporting arguments for the referenced work, those that just mention the referenced study without offering any proof of its validity, and the third type of citation statement.

2. What is the process for searching for citations?

Statements of Citation are the phrases that appear immediately after a reference or citation in a piece of research.

3. How to use Scite advanced search?

Search over 100 million publications with Scite to see how people are talking about research and if the referenced publications back up or dispute the cited work. Using Scite search, you may discover excellent research and quickly identify gaps, methodological errors, disparate results, and other problems identified by other writers.

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