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Predis.ai is a platform that allows you to generate and post on Facebook or Instagram without having to time your posts.
Pricing Model: Freemium
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Predis ai

What is Predis.ai?

Predis.ai is an intelligent social media content generator. It can create a complete social media post including image (creative), caption, and hashtag from one text input. It can produce single-image posts, carousels, movies and reels.


  • Content Generation

Predis.ai is designed to write social media materials, of different formats, like texts, photos or even videos.

  • Content Scheduling

Through Predis.ai you can schedule a social media post on multiple platforms. This will save your time since one does not have to log into every single platform.

  • Competitor Analysis

One thing that Predis.ai does is it keeps a tab on what your competitors do on social media. It may give an indication of the kind of content that your audience likes.

  • Design and Automation

AI-based templates and suggestions enable creation of stunning posts in the Predis.ai application for social networks.

How to Use Predis.ai?

  • Provide Predis.ai with brand information such as logos, colors, and fonts.
  • Select what you want to create – text post, image, or video.
  • Briefly explain your content concept or theme. Predis.ai will utilize this data to develop options.
  • Select a generated option you prefer and personalize it with text, photos, or video clips (depending on format).
  • Schedule your post for later or publish it directly to your social networking pages.

Who is Using Predis.ai?

  • Predis.ai’s content production, scheduling, and analytics tools may help social media managers and marketing teams of all sizes manage their social media presence.
  • Digital marketing agencies that manage social media for multiple clients can benefit from Predis.ai’s efficiency in content generation and scheduling across platforms.

What Makes Predis.ai Unique?

Predis.ai provides AI-generated suggestions and templates to help you create visually appealing content. It can also combine with your brand’s colors and fonts, ensuring that all material is consistent with your brand identity.

Predis.ai integrates content development, design, scheduling, and analytics into a single platform. This eliminates the need to switch between separate programs for each area of social media marketing.

Pros and Cons


  • Helps you overcome writer’s block and develop content ideas quickly.
  • Creates material in a variety of media (text, images, and videos).
  • Saves time by scheduling posts and maybe automating some operations.


  • AI-generated content may require editing for accuracy and brand voice.
  • Posts may not be scheduled for all social media sites.
  • For the best results, human intervention and supervision are still necessary.
  • Understanding how to best employ AI characteristics for productive content creation may require some practice.

Pricing and Plan

Free plan

The Free Plan allows for a restricted amount of content creations (15 AI-generated posts) and competitor analysis (10 runs) every month. However, posts published under the free plan will feature Predis.ai logo and hashtags.

Paid Plans

Prices begin at $32 per month. Paid plans provide further content creation (including video creation), competition analysis features, scheduling capabilities, team management tools, and higher content generation limitations. You may get further details and plan comparisons directly on the Predis.ai website.


1. What kind of content can Predis.ai help me create?

Predis.ai can assist you in creating text posts, graphics (including memes), and even movies for social media.

2. Can Predis.ai help me schedule social media posts?

Yes! Predis.ai allows you to schedule posts for many social media networks directly from the site.

3. Does Predis.ai look into my competitors’ social media presence?

Predis.ai provides competition analysis to help you understand what kind of content resonate with your target audience.

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