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Mango AI has the potential to save time and resources for aspiring entrepreneurs. One notable aspect of Mango AI is its ability to turn text to animation.
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Mango AI

What is Mango AI ?

Mango AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that specializes in creating videos from text. It can be a helpful resource for content creators, educators, and businesses that need to produce video content quickly and easily.


  • Text to the video

Mango AI can build a video from a screenplay or text, including images, animations, and narration.

  • AI avatars

With Mango AI, you can develop bespoke digital avatars that can express your message in video. You can input a portrait image, and the program will create an avatar based on it.

  • Easy to use

It includes pre-built movie templates and a simple UI.

How to Use Mango AI?

  • Sign Up for the Mango AI website.
  • Browse their library to choose a video template that meets your demands.
  • Fill up the text boxes for the video or upload an existing script.
  • Select an AI voice and avatar (optional) to convey your message.
  • Let Mango AI generate and refine the video.
  • You can then inspect and make changes before downloading or sharing.

Who is Using Mango AI?

  • YouTubers, social media influencers, and anyone who needs to create videos for online platforms.
  • Mango AI enables businesses to make explainer films, product demos, and social media commercials.
  • Mango AI’s text-to-video capability and AI avatars enable teachers and trainers to make educational videos.

What Makes Mango AI Unique?

They enable you to develop individualized avatars that carry your message, making videos more engaging. It has pre-built templates and a straightforward interface, making it ideal for beginners. Mango uses a different type of AI tool inside. It is not publicly available and serves a separate purpose.

Pros and Cons


  • Transform ordinary text into engaging films.
  • Advanced artificial intelligence skills.
  • Video creation is quick and easy, requiring no complicated expertise.
  • It saves time and resources, enhances narrative
  • creates visually attractive content, increases audience engagement, and improves information retention.
  • Easily create AI films and animations.
  • AI avatars and voices are lifelike and free to use.


  • Limited customization options for videos
  • Reliance on AI algorithms and technology
  • Risk of errors or glitches in AI-generated content
  • Risk of over-reliance on AI for content creation
  • Subscription fees or tool costs
  • Potential bias or lack of diversity in available AI avatars/voices
  • Limitations of AI-generated videos include limited control over pacing and flow, potential language or cultural sensitivity issues, and less authenticity.

Pricing and Plan

Starter Plan

It costs $4.90/month. Suitable for personal usage or basic tasks. Includes 10 minutes of video production at 720p resolution and minimal avatar customisation.

Pro Plan

It costs $19/month. Targets small enterprises and entrepreneurs. Provides additional video minutes (unlimited billed annually), greater definition (1080p), and more avatar possibilities.

Enterprise Plan

It costs $99/month. Designed for larger teams and professional purposes. Offers bulk video creation, greater resolution (up to 4K), and priority support.


1. Can I use my own photos to make AI avatars?

Yes, Mango AI allows you to input a portrait image, which will be used as the basis for creating a personalized AI avatar for your film.

2. Can AI avatars lip sync to audio?

While Mango AI does not expressly mention lip-syncing, it does provide AI narration in several languages. This shows some degree of tongue movement coordination, however it may not be ideal.

3. Does Mango AI create the video content itself, or do I need to provide a script?

Mango AI specializes in text-to-video generation. You will need to give a screenplay or text prompts for the film, which the AI will utilize to generate images, animations, and narration.

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