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Lunchbreak allows users to easily create well-researched essays by just entering the topic, essay genre, and desired length of their assignment.
Pricing Model: Freemium
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What is Lunchbreak AI?

Lunchbreak AI is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered program that helps students and authors with the essay writing process. It provides a number of features to streamline and improve the various phases of writing.

Lunchbreak AI is an innovative system that claims to transform the way essays and content are created, offering detection-free AI assistance to over 100,000 students and professionals.


  • Topic and Source Generation

This function assists you in writing well-researched and engaging articles by proposing relevant topics and reputable sources.

Get help writing and editing your essays. Lunchbreak AI can propose material, correct language, and guarantee that your work is clear and succinct.

  • No Plagiarism

You develop original material by ensuring that your writing is free of plagiarism.

  • Humanize Content

Humanize AI Writing The program allows you to alter AI-generated

content to sound more natural and real.

How to Use Lunchbreak AI?

  • Provide the essay’s topic, type, and desired length.
  • The technology generates text, locates sources, and produces citations.
  • Fine-tune the writing using the AI humanizer to achieve a natural flow.

Who is Using Lunchbreak AI?

  • Lunchbreak AI is mostly utilized by students to improve writing efficiency and academic performance.
  • Used by more than 100,000 students.
  • Enables students to swiftly create research-backed, plagiarism-free essays.
  • This is very useful for students with tight deadlines or writer’s block.

What Makes Lunchbreak AI Unique?

The idea that has been put in Lunchbreak AI seems to have been tailored with students in mind. Sample student issues are rephrased for easy understanding via grammar check that prevent plagiarism and an AI humanize that keeps a natural language writing style.

As per some of the sources, incorporating Lunchbreak AI can be useful because one can get a different perspective on things and ideas by presenting the topics and materials that are not initially familiar to the student.

Lunchbreak AI stands out because in addition to giving topic ideas, it offers reliable sources and citations which makes eating lunch creative but also effective, not to mention its research accuracy.

Pros and Cons


  • Topic ideas and AI-generated content can help restart the writing process.
  • Finding reliable sources and citations becomes easy.
  • The tool ensures that your writing is original.
  • AI suggestions can help enhance sentence structure and grammar.


  • AI-written content may require extensive human editing to sound natural.
  • The tool may not promote the thorough analysis and critical thought required for effective essays.
  • If not utilized carefully, the program has the potential to be abused to generate plagiarized content.

Pricing and Plan

Free plan

Lunchbreak AI is likely to offer a free trial with constraints, such as word count or available features.

Premium Plans

There are probable premium plans with several tiers that provide more word count, access to more features, and maybe higher quality outputs.


1. Can Lunchbreak AI write the whole essay for me?

It’s improbable that Lunchbreak AI can create an entire essay from scratch. It may create text suggestions, but you will be responsible for structuring and polishing the material.

2. Is Lunchbreak AI free?

Lunchbreak AI most likely offers both free and premium programs, but specifics may require reviewing their website or contacting their support.

3. Is it okay if I utilize Lunchbreak AI for my assignments?

This is dependent on your institution’s plagiarism policy and the employment of AI writing assistance. Check with your teachers or professors before using Lunchbreak AI for academic work.

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