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Create images from text, enhance photos using words, stretch pictures beyond their limits, animate images, or even train personalized AI models.
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What is Getimg.ai?

Getimg.ai is an innovative AI-driven tool created to change the way we create and edit images forever. This tool uses artificial intelligence to generate images from text descriptions, modify photos using simple instructions, and stretch images beyond their original sizes. Getimg.ai was designed with a wide range of users in mind to simplify and speed up the process of picture generation, making it more inclusive and efficient for all.


  • Instant Generating

Prototype and learn writing prompts with lightning-fast AI processing.

  • DreamBooth Personalization

Modify AI models to create unique avatars and product images.

  • Different AI Art Styles

Use over 60 AI models to produce art ranging from photorealism to anime.

  • Automated Image Generation

Draw pictures based on given text using various AI models.

  • A Basic Picture Editor

Enhance your photos with the help of AI-powered tools and utilities.

  • Intelligent Canvas for Outpainting Models

An endless canvas can be used to expand the size of your photos.

How to Use Getimg.ai

  • Sign up for an account at Getimg.ai.

  • Choose the appropriate tool for your needs from the dashboard.

  • To create photos, just enter a descriptive text prompt.

  • Prioritize style and resolution when choosing your images.

  • By clicking “Generate,” you can create an AI-powered self-portrait.

  • Make changes or add animations to your photos using the platform’s editing features.

Who is Using Getimg.ai?

  • Bloggers, social media users, website designers – anyone who needs eye-catching graphics for the web

  • Graphic designers – new creative ways faster, streamline design processes

  • Product photographers and marketers – eye-catching ads

  • Game designers – visual materials, concept art for video games

What Makes Getimg.ai Unique?

Its AI Canvas feature lets users express their creativity in an infinite workspace. Compared to other AI-driven image generators it is unmatched in how quickly and accurately it turns user input into visual content.

Pros & Cons


  • Getimg.ai’s suite of AI-powered tools is very effective, quick, and simple to use, making it a reliable choice for taking pictures of excellent quality.

  • The Text to Image feature lets users make original images at scale by describing what they want to see. This makes it easy for them to make pictures that are exactly what they need.

  • The AI Editor tool allows users to adjust minute elements or full visual characteristics on any photo with simple words, making it a versatile photo editing tool.

  • DreamBooth: With just 10 photos, DreamBooth lets users generate custom AI models to create AI avatars or render gorgeous product visuals in different situations.

  • The prices at getimg.ai are flexible and reasonable, so people and companies of all budgets can use it.


  • Poor picture quality: getimg.ai lets users make images with up to 1 million pixels, but this may not be enough for some high-end projects that need images with higher resolution.

  • Limited customization: Because the AI tools make pictures automatically, users can only make small changes to them, which could make them less useful for some projects.

Pricing & Plan

Free Plan

The free plan gives you 100 picture credits every month and is great for beginners.

Paid Plan

Basic Plan: This plan gives normal users 3,000 credits for $12 a month.

Starter Plan: For $29 a month, the Starter Plan comes with 12,000 credits and is a popular pick.

Hobby Plan: 24000 credits for $49 a month for people who love to make things.


Q.1 What is Getimg.ai?

Getimg.ai is an excellent tool for many people as it offers a flexible and strong platform for producing and altering images.

Q.2 What kind of people use Getimg.ai the most?

The following types of people use Getimg.ai:

  • Business

  • SMEs

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