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DEEPBRAIN AI tool Generate Videos from Text easily in single click. also make an AI avatar for your video
Pricing Model: Paid
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  • For easy and fast AI video creation with plain text, deepbrain.io is a fantastic solution. You can create 5-minute or fewer AI Avatar movies with its powerful text-to-speech feature.
  • Using just text as an input, DeepBrain AI, an artificial intelligence (AI) startup, can create AI-powered films. Videos created by the company’s AI human models appear and feel authentic because of their ability to move and speak like actual humans.
  • People can customize it in terms of both its design and its sound owing to this innovation.
  • Through the creation of easily available artificial intelligence technologies that allow people to fulfill their full potential, the organization aims to enable individuals to live the best lives possible.
  • DeepBrain AI is now operational and extending its customer base around the world. The company has completed a series B raising funds round, which totaled $44 million.
  • In addition to retail, healthcare, education, media, and finance, the business has built AI-based human models that have found use in a broad range of other sectors as well.


  • Automated Video Creation with AI

The tool uses AI to automate the video creation process, which makes it simple for users to make high-quality videos quickly and easily.

  • Easy to Make Videos from Text

Users can easily make videos from text, which means they can turn their ideas into interesting videos with just a few clicks.

  • Business, Training, News, and Social Media All Kinds of Videos

The tool lets you make different kinds of videos, like teaching videos, business talks, news updates, and material for social media. It can meet a lot of different needs.

  • Make an AI image for Your Video

Users can add a personal touch to their videos by making an AI image, which also makes the videos more interesting for watchers.

  • Multi-Language AI Text-to-Speech (80+ Languages Available)

The tool supports AI text-to-speech in multiple languages, so users can make movies in more than 80 languages, making them available to people all over the world.

Pros & Cons


  • In only five minutes, users can create videos that are operated by AI.
  • Because of the realistic AI avatars, the content has a sense of authenticity that makes it seem more genuine.
  • With support for more than 80 languages and speech capabilities, the tool can accommodate a wide range of audiences.
  • There are a variety of applications for it, including instruction by instructors and the production of material for platforms like as YouTube, which demonstrates its wide range of uses.


  • Users on the Starter Plan may find the 10-minute video restriction challenging to work with.
  • Individuals who prefer to edit videos visually rather than using text-based inputs could find themselves missing out on traditional video editing tools.

Pricing & Plan

Paid Plan

  • The paid plan costs $24 a month and comes with a few free trials. It has all the same features as the free plan plus access to more advanced features and functions.
  • It gives users more control and freedom over the video-making process, which makes it perfect for people who want to make professional-quality movies for business or personal use.

Free Plan

With the free plan, you can use all of the tool’s basic features, such as making videos automatically, turning text into speech, and making AI characters for videos. But you might not be able to use all the advanced tools.

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