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BlackInk AI

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BlackInk AI is an online application that uses artificial intelligence to generate personalized tattoo designs based on your ideas and preferences.
Pricing Model: Freemium
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Blackink AI

What is BlackInk AI?

For individuals who are passionate about tattoos, wish to have their first tattoo done, or are professional tattooists, BlackInk AI is a tool that makes coming up with drawings easy by giving you a possibility to select from thousands of AI-created design options.


  • AI Tattoo Generator

Generating custom tattoos is easy. Just input a few details and you will have your unique model.

  • Control Tattoo Complexity

Adjust how complex the design elements are, the colors used, the thickness of the lines, and others.

  • Image-to-Stencil Converter

Upload the photographs you have taken and have them turned into tattoos designs.

  • 4x Super Resolution Downloads

The design is of great importance so get closer to it with high-definition photos.

  • Unlimited Access

Unlimited Design Generation and all their features are accessible by pro users.

  • Temporary Tattoos

Before making a long-term decision, it’s advisable to sample the designs with temporary tattoos.

How To Use BlackInk AI?

  • Get 5 credits free to begin designing once you register.
  • Utilize the AI tattoo designer to produce tattoos with your free credits and you can subscribe for unlimited designs.
  • Look at a temporary tattoo to test the design and see how it looks on yourself.
  • Download the design with a high resolution and move over to your tattoo artist for the final adjustments and inking.

Who is Using BlackInk AI?

  • People who enjoy getting unique and individualized tattoos.
  • People who want to get their first tattoo.
  • Tattoo Artists are looking for ideas or to create personalized artwork.
  • Artists & Designers who are interested in tattoo-style art.

What Makes BlackInk AI Unique?

Blackink Ai is at its core powered by an advanced artificial intelligence program that generates personalized tattoo art according to your input and wishes. Simply select the kind of design you want, type in what you have in mind and watch as the algorithm makes something completely different just for you in seconds.

Pros & Cons


  • You may create your own unique flash tattoos in seconds.
  • You may browse a vast collection of designs created by tattoo enthusiasts.
  • You can remix your design to make new variations with different styles and subjects.
  • You can save, save, and share your preferred designs with friends and family.
  • You can have a tattoo that is completely unique and designed specifically for you.


  • You must purchase credits or subscribe to receive infinite designs.
  • Tattoos containing written text or in languages other than English are not permitted.
  • You may receive unusual or poor results from the AI.
  • You should still have your tattoo artist evaluate and polish up the design before getting it tattooed.
  • You may not use the designs for commercial purposes without authorization.

Pricing & Plan


Facilities 5 credits for testing the product. Restricted use of the AI tattoo generator. Simple templates and fashions. Removal of designs is possible for up to one month.


It costs $15/mo. Access to all tools and features are unlimited. Advanced styles and customization options are available. Unlimited downloads of 4x super resolution. Converter of image to stencil. Keep your designs private and permanently.


1. What is BlackInk AI?

BlackInk AI is a tool that makes coming up with drawings easy by giving you a possibility to select from thousands of AI-created design options.

2. Does BlackInk AI has free Access?

There is indeed a free trail available for BlackInk AI that allows users to test the tool without having to spend any money in advance.

3. Can one use the designs commercially?

Designs are meant for personal use, that is, getting tattooed, while redistributing them commercially is not permitted.

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