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B12 is an online platform that runs professional service websites. It employs artificial intelligence (AI) to create a website draft based on your industry and preferences
Pricing Model: Freemium
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What is the B12 Website?

B12 is a distinct website builder that blends a DIY site construction platform with a team of design and development pros. With its editor, you can construct your own site or have the B12 staff do it for you. Prices are pricey, but the quality of support and design assistance provided is worth it. With several complex features, this solution is worth considering if you need professional help.


  • Instant, AI-powered industry-specific website creation

B12 is able to quickly design websites that are targeted to specific industries.

  • Easy customization with no coding skills needed

A user-friendly interface for content management and modification.

  • ChatGPT-powered AI writer for diverse content

The production of material using artificial intelligence.

  • Seamless editing from desktop or mobile

Your website can be edited from any location.

  • Free hosting, unlimited storage, and custom domain

Hosting and storage are both less expensive.

How to Use B12?

  • Sign up and select a subscription plan.
  • Choose a template and customize your website.
  • Add content, such as text, photos, and videos.
  • Optimize your website for search engines with built-in tools.
  • Configure features like custom domains, bookings, and contact management.
  • Integrate with third-party services.
  • Metrics and statistics can help you keep track of site performance.
  • Regularly update content and re-optimize for SEO.

Who is Using B12?

  • Quick and efficient web design options for entrepreneurs creating their own websites.
  • Businesses require a customized web presence and industry-specific design.
  • Users are looking for hassle-free web management & User-friendly customization.
  • Those who need quick, effective web design solutions

What Makes B12 Unique?

B12 is unusual because it blends rapid AI-driven site production with user-friendly customization. Its ability to swiftly create industry-specific websites, combined with extensive customization and content support, makes it an outstanding choice for effective online presence management.

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent design assistance.
  • Impressive range of tools supplied.
  • Streamlined setup procedure


  • More pricey than some competitors.
  • Perplexing editor

Pricing & Plan

  • DIY

This subscription costs $24.00 per month, which includes a mobile-optimized website with unlimited bandwidth and storage. It consists of a personalized domain, booking features, a contact manager, third-party connectors, and chat and email support.

  • Basic

Building on the DIY plan, this option costs $85.00 per month, which includes phone help, monthly metrics reports, on-page optimization, and online listing synchronization, resulting in increased visibility and support.

  • Premium

In addition to the Basic plan features, this tier costs $249.00 per month, which includes a monthly SEO blog post and an entire site re-optimization every 12 months, which improves your site’s search engine performance.

  • Professional

The top-tier plan contains all of the features of the Premium plan and costs $415.00 per month, plus two monthly SEO blog entries and more regular re-optimization every six months to maximize continuous site improvements and SEO benefits.


1. Is it easy to use the B12 website builder?

The B12 website builder is a little more complicated than many of its competitors, but it is still a good alternative for novices. There are numerous tools available to assist you in becoming acquainted with the editor, and if you are ready to put up the time to master the platform, you should have a few issues.

2. Are the B12 templates mobile-friendly?

All of B12’s produced themes are totally responsive and mobile-ready. You can check the appearance of your site on different devices to ensure that it renders correctly across the board.

3. Is there a free version?

You can use the B12 builder to design your website for free, but you will need to upgrade to a premium subscription before you can publish it.

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