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Yoodli is a Personal, real-time, and judgment-free coaching that is powered by artificial intelligence can help you improve your communication abilities. Imagine Grammarly with voice recognition.
Pricing Model: Freemium
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What is Yoodli?

Yoodli is an AI-driven speech coach that helps users improve their communication abilities in real-time for a variety of situations, such as job interviews, presentations, and regular conversations. This innovative tool provides personalized feedback on spoken communication based on analytics generated by artificial intelligence.


  • Trusted by top companies worldwide

Top companies around the world rely on Yoodli to help them improve their communication skills.

  • Top Choice for Businesses

The scalable and customizable solutions offered by Yoodli are perfect for large organizations looking to improve their communication standards.

  • Preparing for an Interview

With Yoodli’s real-time feedback and analysis, interview preparation becomes easy and you’ll feel more confident and perform better than before.

How to Use Yoodli

  • Yoodli works on any camera- and microphone-equipped device and is simple. Record your speech immediately by joining up for free with your email or Google account.
  • You can give a TED talk, pitch an idea, interview, or have a casual conversation. You can upload your own video or audio file if you recorded your speech elsewhere.
  • After you record or upload, Yoodli will analyze your speech and provide scores and feedback.
  • Download your PDF report or view it on the web app. Share your report via email or social media to get feedback from friends, colleagues, and mentors.
  • You can also see your leaderboard ranking and earn badges for reaching milestones. Yoodli offers curated articles, videos, podcasts, and books to improve your skills.

Who is Using Yoodli?

  • Professional speakers: getting better at speaking so they can give speeches with confidence, simplicity, and convincing.
  • Prospective employees: getting ready to impress hiring managers with a polished and assured performance during interviews.
  • Businesspeople: Looking to make a lasting impression with presentations and communicate fluently in a variety of professional contexts.
  • Salespeople: improving their presentations to attract customers’ interest and boost conversions.

What Makes Yoodli Unique?

Yoodli integrates artificial intelligence (AI) with human knowledge and input to provide a fresh and original solution. If you suffer from anxiety when speaking in front of an audience, this program will help you overcome that fear and become a more accomplished public speaker overall.

Yoodli can assist you in reaching your communication goals, be it to do a better job in an interview, pitch an idea, deliver a presentation, or

simply improve your conversational skills.

Pros & Cons


  • Improve your public speaking abilities with the help of Yoodli, a free communication coach.
  • Without the added stress of public speaking, Yoodli can help you become confident and creative.
  • When you integrate Yoodli with your calendar, it will automatically provide live coaching during the calls that matter to you.
  • In order to understand your voice and the content you’re sharing, Yoodli uses artificial intelligence, speech recognition, and natural language processing.
  • The worldwide organization Toastmasters works with individuals like Yoodli to improve their leadership and public speaking abilities.


  • You might need to enable JavaScript in order to use Yoodli, and not all devices or browsers are compatible with that.
  • Yoodli might not be sensitive enough or accurate enough to deal with multiple languages, dialects, or speech problems.
  • Yoodli could potentially gather and keep sensitive information, including your name, email, audio recordings, and review scores, which could compromise your privacy or security.
  • Get fall short.
  • Important parts of good communication that Yoodli could miss include gestures, facial expressions, and body language.

Pricing & Plan

Free Plan

Features are limited to the free plan’s essentials, and there is no access to premium features.

Paid Plan

An upgraded plan with more features, more coaching sessions, and detailed performance analytics is available for $8/month.


1. Is the Yoodli AI app free of charge?

You can try out Yoodli for free with limited functionality.

2. How private is Yoodli?

  • First, privacy is very important. No information that you give, including your name, email, payment details, and uploaded content, will ever be sold to third parties for advertising purposes.
  • The default setting for your recordings is to make them private. If you don’t want anyone else to be able to see your speeches, you can’t share them for comments.

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