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Vizard is a user-friendly platform that allows you to upload and transcribe films, and it automatically generates clips that can be easily modified, shared, or published directly from the platform.
Pricing Model: Freemium
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What is Vizard AI?

Vizard.ai is a modern artificial intelligence video editing technology that converts lengthy videos into entertaining, short social-ready segments with a few clicks. It aims to transform content creation by using AI to automate time-consuming editing procedures, allowing producers to repurpose current films into many viral short clips for platforms such as TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels.


  • Smart Video Editing

Uses artificial intelligence to edit videos and automatically transcribe audio in 18 languages.

  • Advanced AI

Detects several faces in films and creates a video collage in which all participants are visible.

  • Translation

It provides AI translation capabilities, which translate video content into many languages with subtitles.

  • Fast Responses

Capable of producing more than ten viral clips in seconds without sacrificing video quality.

How to Use Vizard AI?

  • Log in to the Vizard AI platform.
  • Describe the work or problem in detail.
  • Get customized suggestions.
  • Implement the indicated solutions.
  • Explore advanced features dependent on the subscription plan.
  • Provide suggestions for improvement.
  • Engage with Vizard AI for continuous tasks.

Who is Using Vizard AI?

  • Creators and digital marketers are looking to expedite content development.
  • Small businesses seeking visually appealing online content.
  • Trainers and educators create compelling products and presentations.
  • Online influencers and social media managers seeking high-quality graphics.
  • Graphic designers and artists are seeking inspiration and faster design workflows.
  • Corporate sales, marketing, and communications specialists seeking captivating presentations and marketing materials.
  • Startups and entrepreneurs seeking affordable content and brand development options.

How is Vizard AI Unique?

Vizard AI separates out for its powerful AI algorithms, which allow it to accurately analyze user input and give tailored solutions. It uses natural language processing to effectively interpret questions, allowing for smooth interaction. Its flexible nature enables users to tailor content creation processes to their unique requirements, resulting in high-quality visual outputs like pictures and movies.

Pros & Cons


  • Non-technical consumers will find the platform easy to utilize.
  • AI-powered technologies that save time and effort during video editing
  • support transcription and subtitles in different languages.
  • Browser-based, with no large software downloads
  • Users gave positive reviews on its time-saving features.


  • Limited free plan with limitations like video time and watermarking.
  • Learning curve of text-based editing features
  • It is not appropriate for complex video editing tasks.
  • Depending on AI’s knowledge of content, which may not always match user intent.

Pricing & Plan


People looking for free basic features can choose the Free plan. Registered users get 120 upload minutes and 10 720p outputs each month. Videos created here have a watermark and are saved for seven days.

Popular Creator

At $16 a month or $192 annually, the Popular Creator plan includes advanced tools for individual creators. Monthly subscribers get 1200 upload minutes, unlimited 1080p exports, and watermark-free videos. The subscription plan saves content and processes faster than the Free plan.


Pro offers powerful tools for marketers, agencies, and professional producers at $32 a month or $384 annually. Unlimited 4K exports, 6000 upload minutes each month, and watermark-free videos are included. Subscriptions save content and process faster than Free plans.


1. Can Vizard AI handle videos in several languages?

Yes, Vizard AI can transcribe and translate movies in over 30 languages, making it a handy tool for worldwide content makers.

2. How user-friendly is Vizard AI for beginners?

Vizard AI was created with simplicity in mind, requiring no prior video editing knowledge. Its user-friendly platform makes video editing simple.

3. Does Vizard AI facilitate collaboration?

Yes, Vizard AI supports link sharing and collaborative efforts, making it ideal for teamwork and joint projects.

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