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vevy.ai is a platform connecting guest bloggers, digital marketers, and startup founders for collaboration, focusing on link building, guest posting, and marketing partnerships.
Pricing Model: Freemium
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What is vevy.ai?

vevy.ai is a marketer matching platform that connects guest bloggers, digital marketers, and startup founders to facilitate easy collaboration on link building, guest blogging, or any collaborative marketing.

By analyzing certain metrics & data from GSC and GA, vevy.ai will pair marketers based on website credibility, shared goals, complementary needs, or similar market segments and give specific action suggestions with the power of AI.


  • AI-Driven SEO insights and suggestions: Analyzes data from Google Search Console (GSC) and Google Analytics (GA) to provide actionable tips for your digital marketing efforts and optimal matching.

  • Matching: You list details about your website – Domain Rating (DR), type of collaboration you’re looking for (guest blogging, link swaps, others), and target audience, and then match with marketers that meet your requirements.

How to use vevy.ai?

You can use vevy.ai in various ways:

  • Match with other marketers for collaborations like guest blogging and link swaps.

  • Create a writer profile to offer your services.

  • Receive AI-driven insights, matching recommendations, and SEO & content suggestions for improvements based on data from GA and GSC.

Who is using vevy.ai?

Marketers, guest bloggers, outreach specialists, content writers, and founders can use vevy.ai to carry out their digital marketing efforts:

  • Marketers looking for collaboration.

  • Guest bloggers offering their services.

  • Outreach specialists engaging in link building.

  • Content writers offering their services.

  • Founders looking to kickstart their collaborative digital marketing for free.

Pros and Cons


  • No cost involved to list your website and match

  • Easy matching with marketers who are open for collaborations

  • AI powered matching that best benefit the marketers


  • Still early in development

Pricing & Plan

  • Free plan: Ideal for marketers and founders with one site.

  • Paid plans: Starting from $9/mo, best for those who manage more than one website.


1. Is there an additional fee I should be aware of?

No, there are no hidden fees. If you enter into a paid partnership, you are free to negotiate the costs and payment methods directly with your partner or clients.

2. How does the matching process work?

On the “offers” page on app.vevy.ai, you can filter the collaboration offers that marketers list and hit the “Match me!” button to send your request.

After you click the “Match me!” button, a message will be sent to the recipient’s preferred contact method (email or Telegram). This message will include details of your marketing offers. If the recipient finds the partnership opportunity appealing, you can then initiate collaboration.

3. I’m a content writer. How can vevy.ai help me?

By creating a writer profile on the platform, you can offer your services, and employers can connect with you.

4. I’m a guest blogger & outreach specialist. How can vevy.ai help me?

You can create offer pages for each website you’re doing outreach for and match with marketers, founders, or other guest bloggers who are looking for guest blogging opportunities.

5. I’m a marketer. How can vevy.ai help me?

vevy.ai connects you with marketing partners that best match your needs. Based on your collaboration offers and requirements, you’ll receive potential matches directly in your inbox.

6. I’m a founder. How can vevy.ai assist me?

As a founder, you can create an offer page, list your specific marketing needs, and get matched with professional marketers eager to collaborate.

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