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Uizard is an AI-driven user interface design tool that allows users to create prototypes, mockups, and wireframes in minutes.
Pricing Model: Freemium
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What is Uizard?

Uizard is an AI-driven user interface design tool that allows users to create prototypes, mockups, and wireframes in a matter of minutes. Uizard’s AI capabilities make it easy to create user interface designs from simple written guidelines, turn initial drawings into wireframes, and convert screenshots into fully editable designs. To enable quick and collaborative ideation and iteration, Uizard provides an extensive range of pre-made design components and templates.


  • Autodesigner

Get your ideas fulfilled in a flash using UI mockups made from plain text inputs.

  • Take a screenshot

With Uizard, you can turn any image you capture into a personalized design so that you can change the look of pre-made websites and apps.

  • Wireframe

Wizard can turn hand-drawn wireframes into digital designs, which makes it simple to test out new ideas.

  • Text Assistant

Uizard can come up with creative text for designs, which can help you with writing copy and sending messages.

  • Theme Generator

If you want to change the whole look of your design, you can use Uizard to make UI themes from pictures or URLs.

  • Predicting User Focus

With Uizard, you can make attention heatmaps to learn about user behavior and improve design parts.

How to Use Uizard

  1. Sign Up: Create an account and log in to start your Uizard experience.
  2. Make a New Project: To begin a new design, log in and click “Create new project.” “Start with AI magic,” “Start from start,” or one of Uizard’s ready-made UX/UI design templates are all options.
  3. Get to Know the Interface: Learn your way around Uizard’s user-friendly interface. The drag-and-drop feature lets you add information and change things.
  4. Upload Sketches: You can add hand-drawn sketches of your idea to Uizard. The AI will turn these drawings into digital documents.
  5. Edit and Refine: Change your style as needed. You can change the text of questions, take pictures of websites or apps, and drag and drop UI elements.
  6. Make it Interactive: To show how people would move through your design, add user routes to your mockups.
  7. Preview and Share Your Designs: Once you’re happy with your design, preview and share it for feedback.

Finally, you can export your final design to use in presentations or for further work.

Pros & Cons


  • UI designs, prototypes, and wireframes are created quickly using AI.
  • The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to use.
  • Rapid prototyping allows design concept generation and iteration.
  • Platform-based real-time collaboration and feedback.
  • Many pre-made design elements and templates.
  • Turns hand-drawn sketches into editable digital designs.
  • Generates UI themes from photos or URLs.
  • Improves design with predictive user-focus heatmaps.


  • Lacks audio and visual integration.
  • New users may need time to learn all the features.
  • Advanced customization may be limited to higher-tier plans.

Pricing & Plan

Free Plan

Access basic functionality, website and mobile app UI templates, UX, and UI components.

Paid Plan

$12 per month

Advanced features, a wider library of pre-made design components and templates, real-time AI, theme generation, and more customization possibilities.


1. Can I add video and sound to my project?

At this time, you cannot incorporate audio or video into a Uizard project.

2. Can I use Uizard for free?

Yes, Uizard is free. With a free account, you may use Uizard’s platform and its many user interface (UI) templates for websites and mobile apps, as well as its UX and UI components. There is a subscription tier to Uizard that offers more capabilities and a larger library of pre-made design components and templates.

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