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TTSLabs provides cutting-edge text-to-speech technology, conversion of written content into natural-sounding speech, customizable voices and advanced linguistic processing, it offers versatile applications for accessibility, content creation, and more.
Pricing Model: Freemium
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What is TTSLABS?

Check out TTSLabs if you’re a Twitch streamer seeking to improve your text-to-speech contributions. With TTSLabs, an AI-driven text-to-speech service, you can personalize your text-to-speech with a variety of voices, audio clips, filter options for profanity, and more. Consider these advantages and features of TTSLabs for your text-to-speech projects.            

TTSLabs desktop software makes managing and listening to text-to-speech contributions easy. If you want more control over your text-to-speech contributions from your dashboard, you may sync the app with StreamElements or Streamlabs.

Streamers Mizkif, Soda, Alinity, and many more have their official voices available for your text-to-speech needs on TTSLabs. Community voices replicating characters such as Glados, Spongebob, Stitch, and others are also available for selection. Another option is to use authentic, traditional voices.

To brighten up your text-to-speech contributions and give them a more personal touch, TTSLabs allows you to include one-of-a-kind audio snippets. A collection of sound samples is at your disposal, or you may create your own. To attract additional contributors, you may also charge varying amounts for certain voiceovers and audio snippets.


  • Unlimited Classic Voice Alerts

TTSLabs lets you personalize your text-to-speech contributions with many voices.

  • Extended Alert Support

This tool’s commercial version adds Raid/Host alert capabilities to your Twitch broadcasts, making them more participatory.

  • Get unlimited sound clips, voices, and AI alerts.

TTSLabs gives you unlimited access to enabled sound clips, voices, and AI voice alerts to improve your text-to-speech submissions.

  • Advanced Profanity Filters

This AI tool lets you regulate text-to-speech profanity with preset settings and user-defined filters.

Pros & Cons


  • A specialized desktop program is available for simple management and playback of text-to-speech contributions.
  • Streamers have a lot of control over the text-to-speech contributions, including the pricing, voices, and audio snippets.
  • The processing speed is quicker than real-time, allowing for the generation of 20 seconds of audio in less than 3 seconds.
  • Users may get a personalized guide that allows them to verify the text-to-speech settings, voices, sound clips, and minimum values.
  • You may pick from a range of voices, including official, community, and classic voices.


  • It may not work with the accents or languages that advertisers or viewers choose.
  • Outside of Twitch, Streamlabs, and Streamelements, it may not work with other streaming services or devices.
  • The degree of personalization increases the possibility of complications with quality control and profanity management.
  • For some watchers or streamers, the service can be too pricey or out of reach.
  • Other artificial intelligence text-to-speech systems with comparable or superior characteristics may cause an issue.

Pricing & Plan

Free Plan: $0 / month

  • Over 80 custom voices
  • Support for Channel points redemption
  • Updated profanity filters
  • 400 monthly AI voice alerts
  • 10 enabled voices
  • 25 sound clips allowed
  • Support for customers
  • Unlimited classic voice notifications
  • Help for Tips, Bits, etc.

Paid Plan: $25 / month

  • 80 custom voices
  • Unlimited classic voice notifications
  • Help for Tips, Bits, etc.
  • Enable unlimited voices
  • Allow unlimited audio clips
  • Priority client support
  • Access fresh voices early
  • Priority processing
  • Raid/Host alert support extended
  • Chanel point redemption support
  • Improved profanity filters
  • Unlimited AI voice notifications

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