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Shako has a specialization in answering users’ questions in various ways such as short answers and elaborate explanations.
Pricing Model: Freemium
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What is Shako AI?

Shako is an AI-driven virtual assistant capable of helping users execute different tasks and respond to queries conversationally, according to TopApps.ai.


  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Shako has expertise in human language intricacies. Consequently, you can ask your questions naturally, and Shako will still get your intention and give correct responses.

  • Diverse Responses

Shako disseminates information through different means. Thus, Shako can give a quick answer or a detailed explanation depending on what you need.

  • Creative and Technical Assistance

Besides addressing inquiries, Shako also provides creative and technical assistance. It assists with creative work like song writing as well as technical ones such as coding too.

  • Interactive Use

User engagement is encouraged by Shako. You can use it interactively through creative prompts or requests for technical help.

How to use Shako AI?

  • Please search for “Chatous” on the web. You may find an official website or app.
  • Find the search box or a chat window. That’s where you’ll likely communicate with Chatous.
  • Write your question down in simple English; in other words, as if you were talking to a friend.
  • The Chatous is expected to interpret your query and act within its limits by either answering queries, carrying out creative projects or giving technical support.
  • If there are more specific results that you want or if Chatous does not understand what you want, please provide additional information or restate the question.

Who is using Shako AI?

  • People looking for a general life assistant with daily tasks, queries, or creative thinking may find Chatous valuable.
  • Chatous’s capacity to answer questions and assist with technical tasks such as coding may be valuable to pupils.

What Makes Shako AI Unique?

Many AI helpers prioritize task completion and knowledge retrieval. Shako’s capacity to help with creative pursuits such as song lyrics may be a differentiating feature.

Shako appears to bridge the gap between technical functionality (coding assistance) and creative tasks, perhaps appealing to a larger user base.

Pros and Cons


  • Depending on your demands, you will receive brief responses or thorough explanations.
  • Shako can help in brainstorming ideas and developing unique material.
  • Get assistance with coding or other technical issues.
  • Shako has a user-friendly interface for easy interaction.
  • Get prompt responses to your inquiries and requests.


  • Since Shako was renamed to Chatous, some information may be out of date.
  • It’s unclear who utilizes Chatous according to TopApps.AI.
  • There is no indication of Chatous’ pricing structure.
  • The rebranding may have impacted Shako’s original features.

Pricing and Plan

Freemium Model (possibility)

AI assistants are free up to certain limits but require a subscription for extra features, known as freemium. Consequently, you may be able to use Chatous for free with limited functionality if it follows this policy.


1. How does Shako (Chatous) work?

Shako (Chatous) applies NLP to comprehend your questions and demands, then it will utilize its proficiency and abilities to give you the information or assistance that you need.

2. Is Shako (Chatous) free?

There is no information about pricing on TopApps.ai concerning Shako (Chatous). You need to visit Chatous official website or app to find out if there is any fees for using it.

3. How can I utilize Shako (Chatous)?

You might be able to chat with Chatous via a search bar or chat window on their website or app. Just type your query or request in ordinary language.

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