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Tome is very unique AI Tool where speed meets quality and Easier to build than a webpage.
Pricing Model: Paid
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What is Tome?

  • Tome is a tool for presentation that lets individuals interact with themselves and makes it easier to write messages that look good and professional. To create presentations, one-pagers, and microsites much more interesting than the usual web pages and videos, what is required are both user input and the use of artificial intelligence capabilities.
  • To achieve the best possible results in terms of speed and quality, therefore, this tool gives you alternatives and plans that can simply help you tell us how you feel.
  • Tome is an AI accelerator with free rein. Speaking ability enhancement for everyone is where it should be applied as a helpful instrument. It is known for being easy to use along with its list of features that allow it to serve various business needs better. Therefore, Tome changes the way people communicate on the Web either when delivering commercial presentations or creating artistic stories online.


  • Tool to save students time

When it comes to making presentations, this time-saving tool is perfect for both students and professionals.

  • A blog to get simple ideas

Utilize a blog as a source of inspiration and to aid in the development of content.

  • Speed and quality

Tome combines speed with creative freedom, making it possible to create presentations that are both effective and professional.

  • File embedding

Add media from services like Figma, YouTube, Twitter, and Miro to your presentations with ease.

  • Easier than website creation

Develop presentations that are superior to typical web pages in terms of both ease of construction and level of engagement.

  • Simple interface

Tome has a simple interface and features that are easy to use so that the whole process is smooth.

  • Time-saving features

Make use of time-saving features that assist you in rapidly and effectively developing appealing presentations.

Pros & Cons


  • Tome AI allows for the building of eye-catching presentations in a short amount of time.
  • It helps make the material better by offering the right words and tone.
  • Documents can be easily turned into clear, story-driven products.
  • Make material that people can connect with, like 3D models and video storytelling.
  • Tome AI provides a smooth connection with a variety of customizations to improve the narrative experience.


  • There may be a learning curve that comes with getting to use advanced features. Some people may take some time to master more complex functionalities.
  • Relying on AI might hinder creativity in certain situations.

Pricing & Plan

  • Paid Plan

You are at liberty to apply all the progressive attributes of Tome including making presentations using AI as well as having the freedom to be creative at $12 a month.

  • Free Plan

You can begin with a free version that has limited functionalities. This is great for trying out Tome before you pay for it as a subscription plan.

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