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Tammy AI is a Chrome extension that leverages artificial intelligence to enhance your YouTube experience by fitting in right inside the browser.
Pricing Model: Paid
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Tammy AI

What is Tammy AI?

Tammy AI, an artificial intelligence tool for YouTube, makes the platform more accessible through video summaries, Q&A sessions and easy to access videos.


  • Explore function

Tammy AI’s Explore function can help you find new YouTube channels by recommending videos that may be of interest to you based on AI-powered summaries.

  • Chat Q&A

Do you have a question about something in a video? Tammy AI can respond to your questions directly from the video transcript. It will even show timestamps that direct you to the particular sections of the film where the answer can be located.

  • Save to the Library

Organize your YouTube experience by storing significant films or segments of videos in your own library. This allows you to readily access them for future reference.

  • Summarization

Tammy AI can summarize videos up to 5 hours long, providing you with the essential elements.

How to Use Tammy AI?

  • Copy the YouTube video URL.
  • Paste the link into Tammy AI (most likely on their website).
  • Choose the summary level (short or extensive).
  • Get the summary.
  • (Optional) Ask questions about the video through the chat interface.

Who is Using Tammy AI?

  • Tammy AI’s summaries could help students and busy professionals acquire knowledge rapidly from YouTube lectures, tutorials, and presentations.
  • Researchers and Content Creators watch a lot of YouTube videos for research.
  • People who keep current in their industry may benefit from Tammy AI’s ability to scan videos and locate useful information quickly.
  • Casual viewers looking to catch the gist of a YouTube video without having to view the entire thing may find Tammy AI’s summaries helpful.

What Makes Tammy AI Unique?

Tammy AI is more than just summaries; it has a Q & A feature that allows for interaction. You can question directly and get answers by basing your responses on the video transcript, which also gives time stamps to make reference easier.

With capabilities such as copying and pasting the video URL and choosing a level of summarization, this platform is user-centered in its design to help users quickly find information they need.

Though other technologies provide transcripts or timestamps, Tammy AI likes being focused on brief summaries. This makes it ideal for quickly understanding the significant points in movies, especially long ones (up to 5 hours).

Pros and Cons


  • Saves time by summarizing YouTube videos and enhances understanding with brief essential points.
  • The Q&A feature helps find specific information.
  • Simple to use, with link copy-paste and summary level selection.
  • Supports lengthy videos (up to 5 hours)


  • Beta version; accuracy may vary.
  • Requires login/registration (may raise privacy concerns for some)
  • It depends on video quality and complexity to produce accurate descriptions.
  • No mention of a free tier (may require purchase)

Pricing and Plan

Free Plan

The freemium model can incorporate a free version with a restricted amount of summaries.

Paid Plan

Some reviews recommend a paid plan for approximately $9 per month.


1. How does Tammy’s AI work?

Tammy AI employs artificial intelligence to analyze YouTube videos and extract relevant data. This information is then utilized to build summaries and respond to your inquiries.

2. Is Tammy AI free?

Pricing information is not apparent. There may be a free tier with restricted summaries, but a paid plan is also likely to exist. Check the official Tammy AI website or contact the creators for the most up-to-date information.

3. Do I need to set up an account to use Tammy AI?

Some publications claim Tammy AI requires login or registration. This may cause concern for users who cherish their privacy.

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