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Surge AI helps businesses tackle machine learning and NLP difficulties with current data labeling infrastructure for advanced AI.
Pricing Model: Paid
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Surger AI

What is Surge AI?

Surge AI was made by engineers and researchers from Google, Facebook, Harvard, and MIT. It is the most powerful tool and workforce for labeling data in the world. It gives the next generation of AI the current data labeling infrastructure it needs to run.

It also helps AI companies solve machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) problems, like finding hate speech and sorting user reviews into categories, as well as training powerful language models.

Within Surge AI’s human computation platform, AI teams can produce large, named datasets that are required for instructing machines.


  • World’s Largest RLHF Platform:

Surge AI has the largest Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) platform, enabling the creation of advanced AI models. This platform improves machine learning algorithms with human input. Surge AI creates reliable and accurate AI systems with considerable human feedback.

  • API Integration with Engineer Support:

Surge AI easily integrates data labeling capabilities into existing workflows. User-specific API customization and optimization are possible with engineer support. Data processing for AI applications is efficient and scalable with this connection.

  • Data Labeling Solutions:

Surge AI provides a range of AI-powered solutions based on regulations and data labeling solutions to tackle a number of NLP and machine learning problems.

This hybrid methodology guarantees the achievement of high-quality and accurate labeling across diverse data sets. Surge AI uses both human expertise and powerful AI approaches to provide accurate and efficient data annotation services.

How to Use Surge AI?

To begin using Surge AI, you have to sign up for the platform. For high-quality data labeling, you may then develop and manage labeling projects, integrate the application programming interface (API) to ensure a continuous flow of data and make use of the platform’s artificial intelligence and human workforce.

Who is Using Surge AI?

For the purpose of solving innovative data and machine learning issues, prominent artificial intelligence businesses such as OpenAI, Airbnb, and Amazon, amongst many others, use Surge AI.

What Makes Surge AI Unique?

With the help of its highly trained and enthusiastic human staff, Surge AI differentiates itself by providing solutions that are both based on rules and powered by AI. Because of this, it can be done to label data in a way that is high-quality, scalable, and efficient, which addresses complicated AI challenges.

Pros & Cons


  • Label data in 30+ languages.
  • Quality controls and management of gold standards
  • Durable business with an excellent reputation as an employer.
  • Has strong values and a good reputation as an industry leader.
  • Mentoring and training to learn from top talent Offers a wealth of chances for professional development, with access to top trainers and consultants in the field.

Pricing & Plan

Free Plan

The free plan gives customers access to the platform’s fundamental characteristics and limited functionality so they can test it out without paying money.

Paid Plan

You may get access to all the features of the subscription plan, which includes a complete solution for AI-driven data labeling, full access to all the RLHF platforms, and API integration support from the team of experts.


1. Will Surge AI operate with my own workers?

Absolutely! You can use your own workforce with Surge AI’s labeling platform.

2. How long does it take to get the labeled data?

With Surge AI, getting tagged data takes only a few days instead of months.

3. What kinds of data are Surge AI capable of processing?

Tasks such as content moderation, AI fairness, and natural language processing (NLP) are within Surge AI’s capabilities, as are the weekly labeling of millions of images and text pieces in more than a dozen languages.

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