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Study Fetch quickens the process of getting ready for examination by effortlessly importing texts and articles.
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Study Fetch

What is Study Fetch?

Study Fetch is an artificial intelligence-run platform that seeks to improve students’ studying efficiency and efficacy. The system’s intelligent algorithms then transform this information into brief, well-organized flashcards, providing a concise yet detailed summary of your study material.


  • Personalized Study Sets

Just submit all your class-related materials (PDFs, notes and videos) and Spark.e will use its AI and evaluate them for a few seconds to generate flashcards, quizzes as well as bespoke study sheet.

  • AI tutor

This AI companion offers customized tuition based on the materials you provided and answers your questions.

  • Focus on Understanding

Study Fetch helps you to understand more than just what you can remember; it uses techniques like flashcards and practice exams.

  • Time-Saving Features

It aims at reducing study time by automatically making sets for studies, leaving you with the topic of discussion.

How to use Study Fetch?

  • Visit the Study Fetch website and sign up for a free account.
  • Click “Create a Set” and select how to upload your study materials. It can handle PDFs, movies, and even links to YouTube lectures.
  • Spark.e, Study Fetch’s artificial intelligence, will examine the materials you upload.
  • Spark.e will generate flashcards, practice tests, and a personalized study sheet based on your materials.
  • Spark.e offers flashcards, quizzes, and a study sheet to help you memorize the topic.
  • You may also ask Spark.e questions about the material.

Who is Using Study Fetch?

  • High school students can use Study Fetch’s features to organize their study materials, make flashcards and quizzes, and seek assistance from the AI tutor Spark.e.
  • College students, particularly those taking many courses, can benefit from Study Fetch’s time-saving features such as automated study set generation and individualized learning.

What makes Study Fetch Unique?

By automating study set construction with AI, necessary study time is freed up for practicing the content. Uses flashcards, quizzes, a study sheet, and an AI instructor to accommodate various learning styles.

Pros and Cons


  • Use AI (Spark.e) to analyze your study materials and generate personalized flashcards, quizzes, and study aids.
  • Extends beyond memory by providing explanations and answering questions to ensure comprehension.
  • Automates study set development, freeing up time for concentrated study.


  • The efficacy of AI-generated materials is dependent on the quality and clarity of the study materials you input.
  • While Study Fetch can help, it should not replace basic learning activities like active reading and critical thinking.
  • The free tier may have limits, whereas premium capabilities require a paid subscription

Pricing and Plan

Free Plan

Limited features, but allows you to test out the main functionality. You have ten talks with Spark.e (the AI teacher), can design one study set, two practice tests/flashcard sets, and upload five videos/audios.

Base Plan

It costs $7.99 per month and reduced annually. Complete access to all features, including unlimited Spark.e conversations, unlimited study sets and practice exams, 5 video/audio uploads, and access to the majority of features.


1. How does this work?

Upload your study resources (notes, PDFs, and videos). Spark.e analyzes them to generate a personalized study package that includes flashcards, quizzes, and a study guide.

2. Is it free or is it paid?

A free account with basic features. Paid programs include additional features such as advanced quizzes and privileged access to Spark.e.

3. What makes it unique?

Spark.e tailors your study plan to your specific needs, emphasizing comprehension over memorization. It saves time by producing study sets and supports a variety of file types.

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