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Storydoc is the Best AI tool for creating annual reports and portfolio updates to engage your investors.
Pricing Model: Freemium
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What is Storydoc?

  • Storydoc is the preferred alternative to static PDFs and presentations among business professionals.
  • From pitch decks and one-pagers to long-form studies and proposals, Storydoc makes it simple to use AI to produce attractive and engaging presentations.

With sophisticated integrations into your sales and marketing systems, you can track and automatically personalize your decks for each lead. Additionally, actionable next steps have been included to immediately boost lead engagement and conversion.


  • An extensive collection of modern-looking templates

Storydoc gives you access to an excellent array of easily customizable templates. The templates are sorted into categories, making it simple to find the one you need. For example, you may search for Sales, Marketing, and Slide Templates.

  • Easy to Use AI Pitch Deck Creator

The application will structure your deck, produce text, choose the best template for your industry, and use available data to optimize performance. You only need to provide your website, and the AI-powered pitch deck creator will choose the best design arrangement.

  • Automatic Tools for Creating Engaging Reports

When working on a project with your team members, you must write reports on a regular basis.

How to use Storydoc?

  • Sign Up to the website.
  • Choose your content type.
  • Use the AI assistant to generate draft content or recommend modifications.
  • Create and personalize content with text, images, videos, and charts.
  • Make use of Storydoc’s strengths by introducing interactive components.

Who is using Storydoc?

  • Account managers and business professionals: can utilize Storydoc to develop effective reports, customer presentations, and internal communication materials.
  • Agencies and consultants: use Storydoc to create interactive white papers, case studies, and client presentations that leave an impression.
  • Educators and trainers: can use Storydoc to create compelling lectures, student assignments, and interactive learning modules.

What makes Stoydoc unique?

  • Storydoc allows you to include interactive features such as polls, quizzes, and forms directly in your presentations. This makes them perfect for sales pitches, gathering audience feedback, and persuading viewers to take specific actions.
  • Storydoc seamlessly interacts with several major marketing and CRM systems. This enables you to integrate your presentations into your regular workflow and track leads or customer engagement more effectively.

Pros & cons


  • It saves time and work by automatically creating data displays based on user input.
  • It uses storytelling and best-practice graphic design to make presentations entertaining and compelling.
  • It enables users to communicate easily with data while avoiding uncertainty or misunderstanding from leaders.


  • It may be unable to handle complex or specialized data sets that necessitate domain knowledge or manual analysis.
  • It may be unable to capture nuances or subtleties in the user’s data or message that have not been expressly specified or offered.
  • It may not be compatible with all data sources or formats that users wish to use in their presentations.

Pricing & Plan

Starter Package

  • The starter package is $30 per month per user. It’s ideal for those looking to develop presentations with interactive features. You may add an unlimited amount of slides, choose from a variety of animated layouts, and gain access to analytics.

Pro Plan

  • The Pro plan is $45 per month per user, making it ideal for sales and marketing professionals. It covers the choices included in the Starter package. It enables you to employ a broader selection of analytics tools thanks to numerous integrations. You may also use it to construct large-scale presentations and leverage AI assistants to accelerate your process.


1. Can I bring my existing presentations into Storydoc?

Storydoc allows you to import existing presentations (such as PowerPoint) and convert them into interactive Storydocs.

2. Is StoryDoc free?

Storydoc provides a free 14-day trial so you may test the platform risk-free and see whether it works for you.

3. What types of interactive elements can I include?

Storydoc allows you to incorporate components such as polls, quizzes, clickable sections and even forms into your presentations.

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