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Spline, Make 3D objects, change their materials, make them interactive, and then export them. Manage how your 3D design projects turn out.
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What is Spline?

Looking to improve your 3D design process with the help of artificial intelligence? Spline AI offers an innovative solution for designers and creative professionals. Using AI prompts to express their desired designs, this powerful technology completely transforms how artists generate 3D objects, animations, and textures.


  • Request-based 3D creation

This feature makes creating 3D objects, animations, and textures easier by letting users explain their ideas using everyday words.

  • AI Style Transfer

It adds different artistic styles to 3D designs, letting users incorporate the visual style of well-known paintings or artworks into their own creations.

  • Teams, Projects, and Folders

Groups can work together by creating teams, sharing ideas within those teams, and using folders to organize projects.

  • Export to Image, Video, or 3D

Users may easily share their 3D ideas with others or incorporate them into different programs and platforms by exporting them to a variety of media types.

  • Boolean 3D Modeling

Gives users the freedom to design and alter 3D things with a wide range of tools, such as curves, forms, and primitives. Additionally, it is compatible with boolean operations, which allow you to add or subtract objects’ parts.

  • Code Export

Users can save their 3D designs as pieces of code in common coding languages like Python, JavaScript, and C++. This makes it easier to use those code snippets in other programs or environments.

Spline AI Use Cases

  • Using Spline AI’s instructions, users can create 3D models, animations, and textures. Those in the design profession who are looking for a more simplified and fast method of making 3D objects and scenarios will find this feature very helpful.
  • Professionals in the creative industries can improve their 3D design workflow by using AI technologies. Spline is currently investigating potential uses for AI-style transfer and AI texture tools, as well as methods to include big language models in content creation prompts.
  • Spline AI can use language prompts to build seamless textures for 3D objects. With terms like “blue mosaic” or “water,” users can specify the desired texture type, and the AI tool will generate the appropriate textures.
  • Spline users have the option to export their designs as a variety of files such as images, GIFs, and more. Alternatively, they may embed their creations into web pages with just a few lines of code.
  • Users can make their 3D creations more interactive by adding animations and features such game controls. The generated designs become more dynamic and engaging with the help of this function.

Who is Using Spline?

  1. 3D Designers
  2. Creative professionals
  3. Collaborative Teams
  4. Texture lovers
  5. Innovators

Pros & Cons


  • Helps create 3D models and animations easily.
  • AI-powered features improve design clarity and inventiveness.
  • Lots of choices for exporting various kinds of media.
  • Organized tasks and folders improve teamwork.
  • Integration into many programming environments via code export.


  • Advanced features may be missing from the free plan.
  • Best performance requires a current OS and enough processor power.
  • It may not have all the features of more complex 3D modeling software.

Pricing & Plan

Free Plan

Yes, includes basic features for personal use and limited team projects.

Paid Plan

For $24 per month, the paid plan unlocks all advanced features, providing a comprehensive solution for professional 3D design needs.


1. Is Spline AI free to use?

Yes, absolutely! There is no cost for the Basic Package. Personal files and viewers are unlimited. With two team files and two tools, you can only make one team project at a time. You can also access the Spline Library by publishing your scenes with the Spline logo.

2. Does Spline AI need any specific tools to run?

If you want to use Spline, use the most recent version of your operating system. As a newer technology for browsers, 3D demands greater processing power from CPUs and GPUs than older, more conventional 2D design tools.

3. Does Spline AI work for beginners?

Yes, Spline AI is excellent for newcomers because it’s an easy-to-use workspace. Although it lacks some advanced capabilities seen in more full-of-function programs, its suitable toolset makes it a great place to experiment with 3D Modeling.

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