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Quickly create videos using digital avatars.
Pricing Model: Freemium
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What is spiritme?

SpiritMe is at the forefront of digital innovation, and it is altering the process of creating video content as well as the way with which people engage with it. Streamlining the process of content production for a wide range of users, this innovative technology specializes in the generation of videos via the use of individualized artificial intelligence avatars.

By using artificial intelligence to build dynamic and engaging avatars that are capable of presenting ideas in a humanized and approachable way, SpiritMe provides an innovative way of video creation. This approach is designed for artists, educators, marketers, and corporations alike.

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  • Best for education, Facebook, and social media managers, marketers, etc. 

Educators, social media managers, marketers, and other professionals who are interested in producing interesting video material for a variety of objectives are the kind of people who will benefit from using this application. The purpose of this tool is to cater to your requirements, whether you are making instructional videos, content for social media, or marketing materials.

  • Easy Avatar Creation

This tool’s avatar creation function is unique. This is one of the elements that sets it apart from other similar tools. Users can customize their movies and add a distinctive touch to their material via the use of this function, which makes the content more interesting and memorable.

  • Real-Time Rendering

The application has real-time rendering features, which enable users to see changes made to their films in real-time. This tool, which allows users to swiftly iterate on their material to reach the desired outcome, makes the process of creating videos more efficient and helps users accomplish their goals more quickly.

  • Data Privacy Score of 4.5 out of 5

The tool has a high data privacy score of 4.5 out of 5, according to the resources that are currently accessible. This provides consumers with the assurance that they are using a tool that takes data privacy seriously and implements rigorous procedures to secure user data. This gives users the ability to use the tool without any concerns.

  • Market Automation capabilities

The product includes many marketing automation features to simplify video content generation and distribution. Automating procedures that are repetitive and enabling users to concentrate on producing high-quality content are two ways in which these technologies may assist users save time and save unnecessary effort.

Pros & Cons


  • AI avatars provide a unique, dynamic element to video content, increasing viewer engagement.
  • Designing new objects without on-camera talent is possible with material variety, expanding content production choices.
  • This strategy saves time and resources while making videos.
  • Scalability makes it easy to create multiple movies with different avatars for helpful or promotional purposes.


  • Even though avatars may be customized, there may be limitations in terms of accurately depicting the complete range of human variety at any one time.
  • There is a learning curve, and new users may need some time to become competent in the complexities of video editing and avatar modification.
  • The user’s technical skills and their level of understanding of AI technologies are key factors in determining the quality of the output.

Pricing & Plan

  • Paid Plan ($12/mo)

The subscription plan offers more features and tools for making and sharing video content. In addition to the free plan’s functionality, customers get marketing automation tools and other advanced functions to make more professional and entertaining movies.

  • Free Plan

Essential functionalities are available. Real-time rendering and the customized avatar creation tool let them quickly edit their content. Premium services like marketing automation are restricted.

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