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Speakable is a platform that offers auto-graded speaking tasks to assist students improve their pronunciation, gain confidence, and enhance their oral language skills without teachers having to grade hours of recordings.
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What is Speakable?

Speakable is an innovative platform that aims to transform language education and learning. Speakable streamlines language instruction by automating the grading of speaking tasks, allowing educators to focus on teaching rather than human grading.

With features that improve speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills, Speakable provides an integrated approach for both educators and students.


  • Activity Creation

Speakable offers a wide range of activity cards, including Speaking, Listening, Writing, and Reading Cards, making it useful for language educators.

  • Grading and Feedback

The platform includes ACTFL/WIDA Estimates, Gradebook & Analytics, Auto-grading, and Real-time Feedback, which simplify grading and provide insights into student development.

  • Shared Curriculum

Educators can use a Global Library of activities or contribute to an Organization Library at their institution.

  • Integrations

Speakable connects easily with Google Classroom, Clever, Google Images, and YouTube, increasing its usefulness.

  • Use cases

It helps with a variety of educational purposes, including saving time on grading, developing speaking abilities, and exam preparation.

How to Use Speakable?

  • Register or log in to the Speakable online application at https://app.speakable.io/.
  • Explore the dashboard to find different categories including activities, gradebook, organizing, and settings.
  • Create language learning sessions by choosing a kind (speaking, listening, writing, or reading) and adding content.
  • The Gradebook feature allows you to track your students’ progress and achievement.
  • As an administrator, you may manage your organization’s users, permissions, and settings.
  • Customize your Speakable experience by changing settings such as language choices and notifications.

Who is Using Speakable?

  • Speakable is widely used by language educators and students across the world.
  • Schools, colleges, and language institutions use automation for grading.
  • Students benefit from the user-friendly interface and practice exercises.
  • Enhances language skills for academic, professional, or personal purposes.

What Makes Speakable Unique?

Speakable is unique in its overall approach to language learning, encompassing such aspects as task creation, automatic marking and live feedback.

By integrating with educational platforms like Google Classroom, it can foster collaboration among global educators. Any other ‘Community’ who may wish to use the facilities available at the company’s international and organizational libraries is encouraged.

Pros & Cons


  • Speakable dramatically lowers the time it takes educators to grade assignments.
  • Interactive exercises encourage speaking and interaction.
  • Instant feedback allows pupils to improve quickly.
  • Integration with popular educational systems enhances usefulness.


  • New users may need time to fully utilize all functionalities.
  • A stable internet connection is required for optimal performance.
  • Explicitly designed for language acquisition, it may not meet the demands of all educators.

Pricing & Plan

Basic Plan

Users who want to try Speakable’s basics should start with the Basic plan. It includes the worldwide library and repetition, text, and video cards for language practice for $0 each month.

Starter Plan

Speakable’s $12-per-month Starter plan is for language learners who need more tools. Users get AI card creator, gradebook, and organizing features in addition to Basic plan features.

Custom Plan

The Starter plan includes the AI card generator and gradebook, but this plan adds all card kinds, ACTFL/WIDA level estimation, a dedicated School Success Manager, exams, and organization analytics.


1. Which languages does Speakable support?

Speakable supports a large number of languages, catering to a variety of language learning requirements and preferences.

2. Can Speakable be linked to our existing LMS?

Yes, Speakable integrates with prominent educational platforms such as Google Classroom, Clever, and others, making it compatible with a variety of learning management systems.

3. Is Speakable appropriate for learners at all competency levels?

Speakable is meant to accommodate learners of varying competency levels, from beginners to advanced speakers, with customized exercises and grading criteria.

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