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Soulgen AI is a complete AI art generator that creates both photorealistic and creative images from text prompts.
Pricing Model: Paid
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What is SoulGen?

SoulGen is an artificial intelligence art generator that lets you create visuals based on word descriptions. It appeals to those who want to create anime-style illustrations or realistic portraiture.


  • Image Creation from Text

Rather than utilizing a paintbrush or editing tools, SoulGen allows you to define your intended image with text prompts.

  • Customization Options

SoulGen provides a variety of customization tools to help you develop your creations.

  • Text to NSFW Image Generation

This function allows for text-to-NSFW image generation, which may not be appropriate for professional use. It’s critical to use this carefully and within legal limitations.

  • User-Friendly Interface

The platform has an intuitive design that allows users of all skill levels to explore and make photographs.

  • Customization

Personalize your anime characters by describing your ideal girls or characters, and SoulGen will transform them into stunning anime images.

  • A wide range of styles

Explore different art styles and let your imagination run wild by making anime art that reflects your vision.

How to Use SoulGen?

  • Describe the desired image (for example, “Asian woman with flowing red hair, freckles, and wearing a green dress”).
  • Select an art style (realistic, anime) and change settings such as aspect ratio (portrait, landscape).
  • Allow SoulGen to build the image based on your prompt and parameters.
  • You may be able to alter the generated image or eliminate things (use with caution).

Who is Using SoulGen?

  • Digital artists may utilize SoulGen for inspiration or to create foundational pictures on which to develop.
  • Some content creators may use SoulGen to generate SFW (Safe For Work) content, but use caution owing to the possibility of NSFW content.

What Makes SoulGen Unique?

While this can be a drawback, it appeals to a specific group of people that are interested in NSFW AI-generated graphics. However, exercise caution and respect legal bounds.

SoulGen has options such as “Edit or Remove Object” that allow for post-generation customization, perhaps providing users more control over the final image.

Pros and Cons


  • SoulGen provides a user-friendly interface with text prompts, making image production simple.
  • You can select between realistic and anime styles for your generated photographs.
  • While not thorough, you can change various settings, such as aspect ratio, and possibly alter the output photos.


  • Compared to certain AI art programs, SoulGen may provide less control over the image production process.
  • Generating some forms of content with SoulGen may pose ethical issues. Before you create photos, consider their intended usage.

Pricing and Plan

Free Plan

You may sample SoulGen for free by entering your email address. You will receive one free credit per day to make an image.

Paid Plans

You can get a Pro account for $12.99 per month or $90.99 per year, down from $155.88.

This features faster generation, up to 9 variations every generation, 100 credits per month, full editing capabilities, and limitless SoulChat messages. All of your creations are permanently preserved in your account.


1. How does Soulgen work?

AI Image Generator for Creating Realistic and Artistic AI Images. SoulGen is an AI art generator that generates realistic or anime graphics from text prompts in seconds. It enables users to make personalized portraits, alter existing photographs, and create limitless images.

2. Is Soul Generation AI safe?

Soulgen AI is widely regarded as a secure and dependable platform for creating art. Many users commended its capacity to create high-quality, individualized artwork.

3. Is it free?

The free trial provides restricted access to try the features.

Ongoing use requires a paid subscription plan.

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