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Soona simplifies professional photography and content creation with its innovative platform, From product shots to lifestyle imagery, soona offers high-quality, affordable content tailored to your brand.
Pricing Model: Paid
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What is soona?

Soona is an artificial intelligence-powered suite of tools for e-commerce firms to create professional product pictures, videos, and user-generated content (UGC). It also offers digital asset management and visual analytics to help enhance online product listings.


  • Maximum Digital Storage: 1TB+

Soona provides over 1TB of digital storage, allowing customers to safely store and access large amounts of content without worrying about storage constraints.

  • Create, Measure, and Manage All Content Easily in One

Soona streamlines content production, measurement, and management by providing a centralized platform for users to seamlessly generate, track, and organize all of their material, hence increasing workflow productivity.

  • Good for editing content

Soona’s powerful editing tools enable users to easily enhance their material, allowing for exact editing and customization to create the desired appearance and feel for their business.

  • Integrate with Amazon, Shopify, and other platforms

Soona interfaces smoothly with leading e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Shopify, allowing users to easily upload and manage their content straight from the Soona platform, supporting a smooth content creation and distribution workflow.

  • Powerful digital asset management

Soona provides a sophisticated digital asset management solution geared to brands’ needs, with extensive features and functionalities for successfully organizing, categorizing, and managing digital assets.

  • Best for Brand Sales and Presentation

Soona is the best solution for brands who sell items or provide presentations, as it provides full tools and services to support their content creation, management, and distribution needs, allowing them to easily reach their business objectives.

Pros & Cons


  • It provides an extensive collection of AI tools and a creative platform for creating professional and user-generated content, managing product innovation, and tracking performance.
  • It generates a soon score, which is a one-of-a-kind combination of artificial intelligence, industry standards, and creative expertise developed to improve Amazon and Shopify photos.
  • It enables clients to interact with the team in real-time and provide comments throughout photo and video productions.
  • It provides a flexible price approach in which clients only pay for the photos and videos they enjoy.
  • It produces modified content within 24 hours or less.


  • Customers must participate in the virtual shoot for their initial shoot and any subsequent shoots with professional services, which may be inconvenient for some.
  • There may not be enough models or stylists to meet the different demands and tastes of customers.
  • It may be unable to handle complex or bespoke tasks requiring more than standard services.
  • There may not be enough locations or studios to accommodate clients who wish to join in person.
  • It may be incompatible with e-commerce platforms or marketplaces other than Amazon and Shopify.

Plans & Pricing

  • Free Plan

Soona’s free plan provides customers with essential features for more efficient content production and administration. The plan provides up to 1 GB of digital storage. Furthermore, seamless interaction with Amazon and Shopify allows for easy uploading and administration of content directly from Soona, streamlining the content production process for e-commerce firms.

  • Standard Plan

Soona’s paid plan is affordable at $13 per month. Users can fully personalize their material with an infinite media editor. Listing insights provide information on the performance of up to five listings. Users can securely keep their media assets on the platform thanks to the massive 200GB of digital storage provided.

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