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Snyk is an easy-to-use developer security platform that teams can incorporate into their workflows, automation pipelines, and development tools.
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What is Snyk?

Snyk’s Developer Security Platform facilitates security team-development collaboration by seamlessly integrating with developer workflows. With its developer-first approach, it guarantees that enterprises can secure their applications’ vital components from code to the cloud. Companies are able to protect the important components of their applications, from the code to the cloud.

This, in turn, increases the productivity of developers, income, the satisfaction of customers, cost savings, and improved safety. In addition to Asurion, Google, Intuit, MongoDB, Revolut, New Relic, and Salesforce, the vendor cites the following companies as among the 1,200 users of Snyk.


  • Secure Your Development Lifecycle

Snyk offers security solutions for coding, building, deployment, and monitoring. By including security at every level of development, this comprehensive approach guarantees that it is fully realizable.

  • Hybrid AI Provides Unparalleled Accuracy

Snyk’s vulnerability detection and mitigation advice is backed by innovative hybrid AI technology. Combining machine learning with expert knowledge reduces false positives and improves accuracy in identifying and fixing security concerns.

  • Security and Productivity

Snyk integrates seamlessly with developer tools and processes to decrease security risks and boost productivity. Even as they guarantee strong security, developers can keep up with their development pace since they can fix security vulnerabilities in real-time.

How to Use Snyk

  • There are many points in the development process where Snyk can be used. Programmers have the ability to.
  • They may automate the build process vulnerability scanning by integrating Snyk into their CI/CD pipelines.
  • By utilizing Snyk’s integrated development environment (IDE) plugins, users can instantly find and repair vulnerabilities within their code editors.
  • Perform security scans on local development environments and applications using Snyk’s command line interface.

Who is Using Snyk?

There is a diverse spectrum of businesses that make use of Snyk, ranging from small startups to substantial corporations.

What Makes Snyk Unique?

Using advanced hybrid AI for accurate vulnerability identification, putting developers first, and integrating seamlessly with development tools are what set Snyk apart. These capabilities, along with Snyk’s complete security coverage from code to cloud, make it an exceptional and strong solution for guaranteeing application security.

Pros & Cons


  • Potential security issues should be identified.
  • Examine the dependencies of the library.
  • Coding that is done near to development ensures security.


  • Incorrect setup results in an excessive number of false positives and is, therefore, difficult to manage.
  • Since it does not support all of our languages, particularly for older code that is mixed-language, you use a different tool in concert with it.
  • The integration with Bitbucket was a bit of a challenge.

Pricing & Plan

Free Plan

Snyk’s free plan has minimal capabilities for small projects and developers. Basic integration options and vulnerability scanning are part of this design.

Paid Plan

Snyk provides premium plans for greater features and support. In order to meet the unique requirements of greater teams or organizations, Snyk’s sales staff can provide you with the pricing details for these plans when you get in touch with them.


1. What is Snyk?

Snyk is an excellent solution for improving software development lifecycle security and overall security because of its versatility and diversity of features.

2. How does using Snyk help you?

Improved security, increased developer productivity, decreased risk, and smooth integration with current development tools and workflows are the primary advantages of using Snyk.

3. Which systems and languages does Snyk work with?

Python, JavaScript, Go,.NET, and many more languages and platforms are all fully supported by Snyk. To round out its support for contemporary development environments, it has infrastructure as code and container security capabilities.

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