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Silly Tavern

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It's a new and interesting robot called Silly Tavern AI. Now you can have conversations with fictional characters from your favorite shows, games, and novels due to this technology.
Pricing Model: Paid
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Silly Tavern

What is SillyTavern?

SillyTavern is an app for Android and PCs that lets you communicate and roleplay with characters made by you or other users, as well as interact with AIs that generate text.

SillyTavern is a more actively developed fork of TavernAI 1.2.8, and it has introduced many significant features. To this point, they can be considered as separate applications.

Different parts

To make sure that everyone has a good time while using SillyTavern, the development is going on in two branches.

Release – Assumes most users will need it. Updating this branch is reserved for big releases; it is the most stable and preferred one. Most people will be able to use it.

Staging – Do not use it for everyday purposes. The most recent updates are on this branch. However, you must use caution because it might fail at any moment. This is for serious users and fans only.


  • User-friendly mobile interface
  • Backend API connectivity
  • TTS support
  • Lorebooks of WorldInfo
  • Author Note
  • Character Bias
  • Avatar styles, backgrounds, colors, and UI panel positioning are customizable
  • Horde: A stable diffusion generation
  • ElevenLabs, Silero, etc.
  • AI response notification sound


Extensions and apps that work with SillyTavern are:

  • Emotional reactions of characters
  • Auto-summarization of the chat logs
  • Using AI to decipher the meaning of photos sent through chat.
  • Making stable diffusion images
  • ElevenLabs, Silero, or the OS’s System TTS can be used to turn text messages into speech for AI responses.

How to Use SillyTavern

Users must download the SillyTavern app to their PC or Android device in order to access the site. Then, they can use the interface to converse and roleplay with AI-generated replies while creating or choosing from a cast of characters. In order to improve the interaction experience, the app allows users to personalize it and connect it with other AI systems.

Who is Using SillyTavern?

  • Media Enthusiasts: Individuals who relish engaging with fictional characters from their beloved television series, video games, and books.
  • Passionate Roleplayers: Members of the community who take pleasure in both facilitating and being a part of elaborate roleplaying games.
  • Technology and AI Fans: People who are interested in the potential of AI-generated interactions and text generation.

What Makes SillyTavern Unique?

Some of SillyTavern’s standout capabilities include its capacity to generate emotionally reactive characters, automatically summarize chat logs, apply AI to photos, and turn text into speech. Together, these aspects, with SillyTavern’s ongoing growth and community-driven character creation, set it apart as an app for AI-powered interactions and roleplaying.

Pros & Cons


  • Conversations with AI-generated characters are engaging.
  • Character creation and sharing promote different roleplaying.
  • Text-to-speech, emotional reactions, auto-summarization, and AI image interpretation are innovative features.


  • On iOS devices, you can only access the internet interface; full software is not compatible.
  • Some users may find it more complicated because it is necessary for the system to perform effectively.

Pricing & Plan

Free Plan

As an interface, SillyTavern does not provide a particular free plan. Free and open-source software makes up the core, but the AI algorithms in the background are what really make it work.

Paid Plan

For SillyTavern, there is no specific premium package. The use of third-party backend AI services, though, might drive up the price.


1. Will SillyTavern work on my mobile device?

You can view the online interface of SillyTavern on another computer connected to your home wifi; but, the full software cannot be run on iOS devices.

2. Is a strong PC required to run SillyTavern?

The fact that SillyTavern is merely an interface means that it requires very little hardware to function. The stability of the AI system is dependent on its backend.

3. What else do I need besides SillyTavern?

Being merely an interface, SillyTavern serves no purpose in and of itself. A backend AI system capable of playing the roleplaying character is something you must have access to. A wide variety of backends are available: GPT, OpenAPI API, KoboldAI (local or on Google Colab), and many more.

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