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ShortlyAI artificial intelligence to generate high-quality written content, language models and intuitive interface, users can create blog posts.
Pricing Model: Paid
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What is ShortlyAI?

ShortlyAI may be able to link you with an artificial intelligence writing partner to assist you in overcoming writer’s block if you are experiencing it.

When it comes to fiction writing, however, the application may also be useful to you, making it a choice for users. You can create content for a blog post or other venues with great success if you are aware of the appropriate prompting.

Even though you instruct it to generate a whole blog piece, the program is only capable of producing one hundred words at some point. Don’t expect it to do anything, then.


  • Biggest Neural Network

ShortlyAI uses the most extensive neural network to generate content, ensuring that your writing is of the highest quality and accuracy.

  • Passes all common plagiarism Checker

The tool passes all common plagiarism checkers, guaranteeing that your content is original and unique.

  • Refine your writing with powerful commands.

ShortlyAI allows you to refine your writing with powerful commands, helping you overcome writer’s block and create compelling content.

  • Convert Text into Well-Organized Paragraphs

The tool helps convert text into well-organized paragraphs, making your writing more readable and engaging.

Pros & Cons


  • The biggest advantage is speed. Writing is ten times quicker using ShortlyAI.
  • There’s no word restriction, so write free. Daily usage should not exceed the platform’s daily limit. This restriction prevents bot misuse.
  • The content seems well-written and not bot-written.
  • Content is original and passes plagiarism checks.
  • ShortlyAI has great grammar and punctuation.


  • Users have had major difficulties with material accuracy after fact-checking. Incorrect material could harm your company’s reputation. Written content must be useful, not only correct language and sentence structure. When you share inaccurate information, you risk losing readers’ confidence.
  • Many users have encountered flaws, affecting content accuracy and quality.
  • Some instructions are beneficial, but AI is still a computer. Give detailed directions. AI-written material may be repetitious. 

Despite its unparalleled speed, this writing software application is sometimes beneficial to users. But, in order for this technology to save users any real-time, they usually have to spend a lot more time correcting the incorrect text. Sometimes, the facts aren’t quite right in the copy. While there will be connections between ideas, familiarity with the subject matter may make the material appear odd. 

Pricing & Plan

There are two pricing plans to choose from: yearly and monthly. Both of these plans are fully cancelable whenever you like.

Annual Plan

With the annual plan, you’ll pay $65 every month. 

  • Unlimited words credit
  • Integrated content creation commands.
  • Continuous updates

Monthly Plan

Alternatively, the monthly subscription would set you back $79 every month.

  • Unlimited words credit
  • Support for content production using built-in commands.
  • Continuous updates

Not using credits is a major benefit for ShortlyAI compared to some of its rivals. We have established that there’s no limit to the amount of text you may create; there’s no need to waste money on stuff you won’t use.

Get a free trial of ShortlyAI before you commit. You may try out the tool for yourself with this three-day trial.

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