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Sharly is your go-to platform for seamless file sharing and collaboration, With intuitive features and robust security measures, Sharly empowers teams to effortlessly exchange files, streamline communication, and boost productivity, Experience the next level of efficiency with Sharly – your ultimate file-sharing solution.
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What is Sharly?

Sharly AI is a web-based application that you can load any document onto and converse with it using natural language. You can also have Sharly AI summarize it for you, and highlight or analyze the document. In addition, you may want to share your presentation with peers or save it as a PDF.

The most recent reality of Sharly AI is boosted by advanced language models like GPT-3 that generate logical responses based on content in various documents. Among others, Sharly AI can work on PDFs, Word files, web pages, etc.


  • Quick Summarization

Sharly quickly collapses wordy texts and PDFs in a few minutes to summarize them for readers who cannot spend time reading all the text.

  • Multilingual Chat

Sharly’s chat feature permits easy interaction with over 20 languages of PDFs and documents. This ensures continuous communication irrespective of language barriers.

  • Efficient document summarization

Sharly simplifies the process of summarizing large documents, allowing users to extract critical insights and information quickly and effectively, saving them time and effort.

  • Simplification of complex PDFs

Large document summaries are made easier by Sharly because users can easily mine vital insights and information from them saving them time and resources.

  • Complete Format Compatibility

Sharly makes difficult PDFs friendlier by toning down their contents; breaking intricate concepts into simple words so that they become accessible to everybody regardless of background.

  • Cross-document Analysis

Sharly goes beyond individual documents and provides cross-document analysis, which allows users to compare and analyze many files at the same time to uncover patterns, trends, and connections.

  • Accurate Content Analysis

Sharly uses complex algorithms to precisely assess the content of documents and PDFs, offering precise responses to user queries and inquiries while increasing productivity and decision-making processes.

Pros & Cons


  • It can save time and effort by summarizing and simplifying lengthy documents using AI.
  • It can answer questions and provide insights based on the submitted materials.
  • It can use natural language to transform complex facts into understandable tales.


  • It may not be accurate or reliable for some documents or inquiries.
  • It may not provide privacy or security for uploaded documents or chats.
  • It may be incompatible with some document formats and languages.

Plans & Pricing

  • Free Plan

Sharly provides a personalized plan for individuals called “Basic,” which is free and accessible to all users. This package includes the convenience of AI-powered chat capabilities for PDFs, papers, and text, allowing users to communicate with their information easily. While it has restricted usage, users benefit from crucial capabilities such as cross-document analysis, which allows them to compare and study various documents at the same time. The Basic plan also contains a citations tool, which facilitates correct attribution and referencing within papers.

  • Standard Plan

Sharly provides a Professional plan for $15 per month, which includes unlimited access for users who require intensive document analysis and interaction. This package provides users with access to high-quality answers provided by GPT-4. Sharly also stresses security by using robust security mechanisms to protect sensitive information and ensure confidentiality. Notably, the Professional plan distinguishes itself by ensuring that no training data is used for Language Learning Models (LLMs).

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