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Shaped utilizes machine learning to enhance user engagement across feeds, recommendations, and notifications, empowering companies to optimize their digital interactions.
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What is Shaped?

Ready for Customization! In order to provide consumers with engaging and useful experiences, personalization is essential. People may discover and engage with relevant material and like-minded individuals via personalized experiences in any form, such as social pages, recommendation systems, or messaging services.

It is not simple to create personalized features, however. Data engineering, machine learning, and infrastructure work could be required for its construction and upkeep for months if not years.

Measuring the impact of personalization and comprehending the reasons behind selections made for each user might still be difficult, even using that method.

This necessity gave rise to Shaped, an API for ranking. Shaped allows programmers to easily build customized features into their applications or websites by integrating innovative deep learning models. 

Because Shaped integrates so easily with the data storage of your choice, you can begin improving your engagement, conversion, and retention KPIs in a matter of days.

Those involved with Facebook’s ranking techniques in artificial intelligence also created Shaped.


  • Easy-to-use API for ranking

Shaped.ai provides a straightforward ranking API that programmers may utilize to include user-generated content into their applications and websites.

  • Connectivity to widely used data warehouses

Developers may use their existing data infrastructure to provide personalized recommendations as the solution integrates directly with popular data warehouses.

  • Instant feature store

Developers may access and edit user data in real time with Shaped.ai’s real-time feature store, making customization more dynamic.

  • Integrating multiple SQL connectors

Developers can easily manage and examine data using the tool’s multi-connector SQL interface, allowing them to build one-of-a-kind experiences.

  • Making it easy for programmers

Created with the requirements and expertise of developers in mind, Shaped.ai offers capabilities and tools that are second to none.

Pros & Cons


  • Developers may include Shaped’s intuitive ranking API into their applications or websites to enhance personalized discovery capabilities without devoting months to data engineering, model training, and deployment.
  • With Shaped’s easy connectivity with major data repositories, you can quickly improve engagement, conversion, or retention KPIs. 
  • Businesses may learn about the specific choices taken for each user and the logic behind them with the help of Shaped’s interpretable insights for its models.
  • The artificial intelligence (AI) experts and engineers behind Facebook’s ranking methods developed Shaped, which uses state-of-the-art data science techniques to tailor user experiences.


  • Compared to more experienced rivals, Shaped may lack stability, support, and scalability because of the company’s youth (it was started in 2021).
  • Use scenarios involving complicated or reduced ranking that need particular logic or subject knowledge may be beyond Shaped’s capabilities.
  • If Shaped’s API or data warehouse connections aren’t compatible with your data source or platform, you may not be able to use it.
  • Shaped can be too expensive for startups and small organizations with limited budgets for AI solutions.

Pricing & Plan

Shaped.ai only has a free plan and no paid choices. It doesn’t cost anything for users to find personalized material and interact with other users. Since Shaped.ai doesn’t have a minimum price, it’s a great tool for developers who want to add personalized experiences to their apps without spending extra money.

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