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Runway is a company that focuses on using artificial intelligence to advance and innovate in the realms of art, entertainment, and human creativity.
Pricing Model: Freemium
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What is a runway?

Runwayml operates as an AI-powered creative hub. Cloud-based technology includes background removal in photographs and video generation based on prompts. The software has an automatic texture creation tool, which makes it easier to create unique 3D textures. It is compatible with modeling platforms like Blender and Unreal Engine.


  • Editing videos on the Web

Runwayml enables users to edit films directly on the Web, removing the need for complicated software installations or expensive hardware.

  • Text to Color

Runwayml’s Text-to-Colortext function allows you to transform your text into rich, eye-catching hues, emphasizing essential elements in your film or including appealing titles and captions.

  • Blur Faces

Runwayml’s Blur Faces feature protects your privacy and anonymity in recordings, whether you’re concealing the identities of individuals in sensitive film or complying with privacy requirements.

  • Inpainting

It allows you to remove undesired items or interruptions from your movies. This program uses clever algorithms to intelligently patch your film’s missing or removed sections.

  • Super-Slow Motion

This function enhances the drama and impact of your videos. Slow down footage to a fraction of its original speed, allowing viewers to appreciate every moment in great detail.

  • Scene Detection

It shall automatically identify and delimit scenes in your videos. For this purpose, the content of your footage is analyzed to recognize different scenes that you can navigate through while editing.

  • Clean Audio

The audio quality of your videos is greatly enhanced. This software application gets rid of background noise, echoes and other imperfections from the audio thereby ensuring that your message is communicated well.

  • Text Generation

With this feature, you can create text animations that are dynamic and exciting. This app includes a variety of text effects and animations to help you enliven your films as well as engage with audiences.

  • Green Screen (Removing Video Backgrounds)

This function allows for removing video backgrounds so as to have flawless composites and visual effects. You can simply delete the backdrops from the movies and substitute them with alternative images.

Pros & Cons


  • The runwayml AI has got user-friendly UI which serves both technical as well as non-technical users.
  • It provides diverse pre-trained models suitable for various creative projects which allow for flexibility and variety.
  • You can input data into it, and train your models with it. It ensures customization in the results one obtains.


  • Beginners may have a learning curve where they take some time to adjust to using it.
  • Some advanced features need a subscription or payment.
  • It restricts free users’ access to certain services.

Plans & Pricing

  • Free Plan

Runwayml’s free version gives consumers 125 credits. Users are unable to acquire extra credits or upscale resolution/remove watermarks from Gen-1 and Gen-2 output. Gen-1 conversions are limited to four seconds, whereas Gen-2 conversions can be extended to 16 seconds using Extend Video. 

  • Standard Plan

Runwayml’s regular subscription is $12 per month and includes 625 credits each month, providing users with flexibility and plenty of creative freedom. These credits can be used for a variety of tasks, such as producing 125 seconds of Gen-2 text-to-video, 44 seconds of Gen-1 video-to-video, or creating 125 photos. The package includes unlimited video editing projects, a 100GB asset library, and collaboration with up to five editors.

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