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Resume Worded

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Online resume and LinkedIn evaluator swiftly assesses your resume and LinkedIn profile, providing comprehensive feedback on how to enhance your chances of securing more opportunities and interviews.
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Resume Worded

What is Resume Worded?

Resume Worded is an AI-powered life assistant platform that provides personalized input to job searchers trying to better their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. With its primary features and benefits, Resume Worded has swiftly established itself as a reliable alternative for persons seeking improved professional chances.

The platform’s Resume grader examines resumes using recruiter-specific criteria and provides individualized feedback. Resume targeting tailors resumes to specific job descriptions, assuring greater relevance to potential employers.

 Resume Worded’s LinkedIn optimization improves profiles, increasing visibility among organizations looking for skilled applicants. Furthermore, visitors can view sample bullet points and resumes from top-performing profiles in a variety of industries and talents.


  • Resume evaluation

Compares resumes to the parameters that recruiters are looking for and provides individual input.

  • CV adaptation

Customize resumes to match specific job specifications, improving their usefulness.

  • LinkedIn Optimization

Improve your LinkedIn profile to boost your visibility to potential employers.

  • Examples of bullet points and resume highlights

View examples of the finest resumes for various sectors and expertise.

How to use Resume Worded?

  • Sign up on Resume Worded’s website.

  • Choose a suitable resume template.

  • Fill in your personal information, education, and work experience.

  • Optimize your resume content with keyword analysis.

  • Edit and customize your resume for each job application.

  • Review for errors and seek feedback.

  • Download or share your finalized resume.

  • Track your job application progress and resume performance.

Who is using Resume Worded?

  • Recent graduates are entering the job market.

  • Mid-career professionals looking to enhance their resumes.

  • Seasoned executives are seeking to optimize their career documents.

  • Career coaches assisting clients with resume development.

  • Recruiters and HR professionals aid candidates in crafting effective resumes.

What makes a Resume Worded unique?

Resume Worded may help anyone who wants to improve their resume or LinkedIn page, including job searchers, career changers, and professionals wishing to refresh their professional identity. Through its keyword optimization tools, users can fine-tune resumes to match job descriptions, improving their chances with Applicant Tracking Systems.

Pros and cons


  • It uses AI and data science techniques to deliver fast feedback on your CV and LinkedIn profile.

  • It helps you improve the impact, brevity, and style of your resume by including strong action verbs, metrics, and keywords.

  • It provides you with over 250+ sample bullet points from top resumes spanning all industries and expertise.


  • This is not a free service. To gain access to all of the features and perks, you must pay $50 year or $9 each month.

  • It will not write your resume for you. You still need to put in the effort and time to create your own CV based on the criticism and ideas.

  • It does not ensure you will get a job. It just helps you improve your CV and LinkedIn profile to increase your chances of landing interviews.

Pricing & plan

Monthly Plan

$49 per month, with the option to cancel anytime.

Quarterly Plan

$33 per month, invoiced at $99 every three months. This plan includes a 30% discount (equal to one free month) and can be discontinued at any time.

One-Year Plan

$19 per month, billed in one payment of $229. This plan provides the best value, with a 60% reduction, and may be terminated at any time.


1. What is Resume Worded, and how might it help me in my job search?

Resume Worded is a complete platform that helps job searchers optimize their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. It uses AI technology to deliver fast feedback on your resume’s clarity, efficacy, and ATS compatibility, allowing you to make meaningful improvements.

2. Can I use Resume Worded for my LinkedIn profile, too?

Yes, Resume Worded has a LinkedIn review tool that provides tailored input on your page. This function allows you to optimize your profile to attract recruiters and hiring managers, ensuring that it complements your CV and improves your online professional visibility.

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