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Research Studio is turn your data into insights and streamline user research with AI, perfect for freelancers, researchers, and agencies alike.
Pricing Model: Paid
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Research Studio AI

What is research studio?

Research Studio is a research tool that is driven by AI which helps UX, Marketing, and Product professionals. This app simplifies the process of analyzing data through automated summarization of research papers.

It goes beyond basic analysis to provide insights, sentiment analysis, and persona diagrams for a more in-depth understanding of user views. The AI chat capability allows natural interactions that enhance comprehension of study metrics and user input.


  • Next-Level UX Research

Research Studio elevates UX research by providing contemporary tools and methods that ensure comprehensive knowledge about user experience. It offers a platform for carrying out deep analyses that enhance a better understanding of how users behave.

  • Powerful integrations

Research Studio seamlessly integrates with numerous tools and platforms for increased productivity and streamlined processes. In this way, researchers can optimize their usage of the existing resources as well as data sources.

  • A wide range of formats

Research Studio contains wide-ranging types of data to cater to different research objectives and preferences. Users have the ability to collect information in various forms like qualitative or quantitative data formats.

Collect All Data with One Click

Research Studio simplifies data gathering by allowing users to acquire all required information with a single click. This improved procedure saves time while also ensuring that researchers have access to comprehensive data sets for study.

  • Easily customize

Users of Study Studio can readily adapt study parameters and procedures to meet their individual needs. This flexibility enables researchers to efficiently modify their approach to various projects and objectives.

  • Easy-to-understand reports

Research Studio produces clear and succinct reports that are understandable to experts and non-professionals alike. This ensures that research findings are successfully shared, promoting collaboration and understanding across teams.

  • Data Diagram Navigation

Data diagrams in Research Studio assist users in navigating complicated language and visualizing relationships between distinct data pieces. This feature improves comprehension and allows for deeper insights into research findings.

Pros & Cons


  • Extremely quick raw data analysis
  • Easy-to-understand reports for both professionals and non-professionals
  • Improve user research efficiency and assist non-UX/Research experts in conducting their own analyses.
  • Immediate retrieval of contestants
  • Automated sentiment analysis and breakdown.
  • Average persona extraction
  • A data diagram can assist you navigate the material.
  • Context-trained and locked AI chat to answer any inquiries in seconds, all while everyone with a shared link may watch in real-time.
  • Easy sharing.


  • Can overlook fine-grained features that you might not want to miss.
  • You still need expert user researchers if you want to disentangle particularly complex user behaviors.
  • Does not substitute a well-trained team of UX designers and user researchers
  • It does not cover all kinds of research but rather focuses on the most time-consuming and difficult jobs.
  • Because it is based on cutting-edge AI technology, the outcomes can be surprising at times.

Plans & Pricing

  • Free Plan

Research Studio’s 3-day free plan allows customers to test the platform’s capabilities without making a payment commitment. 

  • Standard Plan

The “Full Flexibility” subscription plan, which costs $35 per month, gives customers access to a full package of options geared to optimize their research capabilities. Additionally, the package offers a 7-day refund period.

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