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Remaker is an AI-powered application that replaces faces in photos and videos, whether you need to swap faces in a single photo or across several images and movies.
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What is Remaker AI?

Remaker AI is a powerful suite of AI-powered tools for creative picture and video editing. Its signature feature is face swapping, which allows you to quickly and accurately swap faces in images or movies.

Remaker AI also supports generative image modification. Remaker AI is anticipated to offer additional creative content tools, making it a versatile platform for anyone interested in experimenting with AI-powered editing.


  • Face Swap

Remaker AI enables users to replace faces in single pictures, many photos, and even films. This capability is supplemented by batch processing capabilities, which allow for up to 50 photographs to be modified in a single session.

  • Watermark Remover

Eliminate unwanted watermarks from your images. AI Object Replacer: Swap objects within an image for a more customized look.

  • AI Image Upscaler

Enhance the resolution of your images for improved clarity.

  • Uncrop Tool

Recover lost details by virtually uncropping your photos.

  • AI Portrait Generator

Create artistic portraits based on your uploaded images (availability may depend on the subscription plan).

How to use Remaker AI?

  • Go to the Remaker AI website (https://remaker.ai/en) and create an account (optional), or log in if you already have one.
  • Find the “Face Swap” option on the main interface.
  • Upload images
  • The first image shows where you wish to replace a face (the target image).
  • The second image contains the face you want to switch (source image).
  • Depending on the intricacy of the faces, you may need to alter the selection region in the target image to achieve accurate face detection.
  • Click the “Swap” button to let Remaker AI perform its magic. It will process the photos and create a face-swapped version.
  • Download or share the final image.

Who is using Remaker AI?

  • Social media content creators may easily create visually appealing material for sites such as Instagram,
  • Marketers and designers use a tool for designing eye-catching mockups, product prototypes, and social media ad campaigns.
  • Artists and Creators, with text-to-image generation may overcome creative blocks and visually explore fresh ideas.

What makes Remaker AI uique?

Remaker AI stands out for its extensive set of AI-powered tools for digital content production. It also has novel features such as talking images, eliminating watermarks and undesirable items, and making realistic AI fashion models for e-commerce.

Pros and Cons


  • Remaker AI excels at art, face swaps, editing, and photo improvement.
  • Super easy to use.
  • It provides a wide selection of styles with which to experiment for art creation.
  • Good at handling several face swaps.
  • Offers free tokens to begin with.


  • Limited picture creation styles to pick from.
  • Face-swapping is less accurate against cluttered backdrops.
  • Occasional slow load times.
  • The feature that converts old photographs into new ones based on prompts can be unstable.

Pricing and Plan

  • Free Plan

Remaker AI provides a free plan with a limited number of credits. This allows you to test out the platform’s most straightforward features, such as face changing using a few photographs.

  • Paid Plans

Upgrading to a paid plan gives you more credits and may unlock extra features. There is no publicly available information on specific plan tiers or pricing details on their website.


1. How many faces can I switch in a single image?

Remaker AI can change several faces within a single image.

2. Can I swap faces in videos?

Yes, Remaker AI enables face switching in videos.

3. What happens to the photographs I’ve uploaded?

Remaker AI’s privacy policy states that uploaded photographs and generated content will be deleted within 48 hours.

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