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Reclaim AI

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Reclaim AI can increase your productivity.This powerful AI tool Optimize your time management.
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What is Reclaim AI?

  • Reclaim is an intelligent scheduling automation program that helps teams improve their calendars and manage their time more effectively. Its distinct features and smooth connection with Google Calendar make it a fantastic tool for managing their schedule.
  •  Reclaim AI understands your patterns and goals, unlike traditional scheduling software, which merely slots things into available time. It actively advises users to focus on what’s important, resulting in maximum productivity and work-life balance.


  • Integrations

Reclaim was created to allow you to set up a flexible time for your jobs while automatically pulling in jobs and projects from the platforms you already use. Tasks can be integrated and their status synced across platforms automatically.

  • Buffer Time

Allow yourself time to recover after meetings, plan ample travel time for your event, and include a gap between Tasks and Habits. Reclaim provides adjustable buffers to your calendar, allowing you to prepare and get where you’re going.

  • Slack Status Sync

Reclaim’s Slack integration may automatically change your Slack status, letting others know you’re busy, and enable Do Not Disturb during situations where you want to be focused.

 How to use Reclaim AI?

  • Go to the Reclaim AI website and create an account.
  • Connect your current calendar (Google Calendar, Outlook, etc.) with Reclaim AI.
  • Set up preferences for example preferred hours for the meeting, the time required between two meetings, and any restrictions
  • Make sure that Reclaim is connected to your calendar so it can see what you have on and when you are free
  • Let Reclaim automatically schedule meetings according to what you like and when you’re available
  • Check proposed times for meetings and either confirm or change them as necessary
  • Let Reclaim handle scheduling for you, adapting as needed when things change on your calendar or in terms of what you want
  • Over time, adjust your preferences and settings to further enhance your scheduling process.

 Who is using Reclaim AI?

Reclaim is used by hundreds of thousands of busy professionals from more than 35,000 firms. Reclaim helps engineering, sales, and marketing teams manage their calendars.

 What makes Reclaim AI unique?

  • Reclaim AI stands out for its emphasis on adaptive scheduling. While many systems can schedule activities or discover meeting times automatically, Reclaim AI goes a step further by updating calendars in real time to account for changing priorities and unexpected disruptions.
  • Its seamless connection with other popular productivity tools creates a unified environment, making it a one-stop shop for all scheduling and project management requirements.

Pros & Cons


  • It allows you to organize meetings, assignments, routines and breaks automatically and efficiently.
  • It works with your favorite productivity applications, like Google Tasks, Todoist, Asana, ClickUp, Slack, and Zoom.
  • It provides analytics and insights on your productivity and work/life balance.


  • It only works with Google Calendar right now, so you’ll need a Google account to utilize it.
  • The free plan has a restricted number of users and scheduling options, so you may need to switch to a subscription plan to gain more features and flexibility.

Pricing & plan

 Free Plan

Reclaim AI provides a free plan for basic scheduling needs.

 Starter Plan

The Starter Plan is $10 per user per month and includes smart time block scheduling up to three weeks in advance.

 Business Plan

 Business and Enterprise plans are also available, with pricing details tailored to the organization’s needs.


 1. Is Reclaim AI compatible across all calendar platforms?

Reclaim AI is compatible with numerous calendar platforms, including Google Calendar, although it does not support other calendar tools. The most up-to-date list of integrations can be found on their official website.

 2. How Secure is My Data with Reclaim AI?

Reclaim AI prioritizes user security. To protect user data, they use strong encryption technologies and adhere to strict security regulations.

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