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Question Well Make a limitless supply of learning tools and questions that are in line with standards, and then share them on the platforms you like.
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What is QuestionWell?

Question Well is a machine learning algorithm that can be programmed to produce multiple-choice questions on any given subject. Choose your reading level, language, and desired learning outcomes among its many customizable features. Teachers may easily make student-specific quizzes and tests with Question Well.

How does QuestionWell work?

In order to create multiple-choice questions, Question Well employs AI algorithms. Users have the option to insert their own words, a YouTube video link, an article URL, or even a topic. Based on its analysis, the program then provides a list of questions. After that, you may go through the questions it made and make any changes you want before using them.


  • Develop infinite standards-aligned questions and learning resources

Make standard-based quizzes, learning tools, and multiple-choice questions in a flash.

  • Easily export to all of your preferred networks

Make it easy to incorporate generated questions into existing learning management systems.

  • Customize grade, language, and learning outcomes questions

Modify questions so that they cater to the unique requirements of different types of students.

  • Check questions for correctness and applicability

Before using the generated questions, make sure they are appropriate and related to the educational goals.

How to Use QuestionWell?

Users can insert their own text, URLs, or links to videos on YouTube to use QuestionWell. After that, artificial intelligence analyzes the content and generates multiple-choice questions based on it. Before exporting these questions to the platforms of their choice, users have the ability to go over and modify them individually.

Who is Using QuestionWell?

Teachers may save time and effort with QuestionWell, a tool that allows them to easily make their own quizzes and assessments. Teachers who value efficiency and want to make sure their tests cover all the bases in terms of meeting regulatory requirements will find this tool useful.

What Makes QuestionWell Unique?

The capacity of QuestionWell to provide an endless supply of standards-aligned learning tools and questions is what sets it apart. It is a great tool for educators because it can generate questions using a variety of resource formats (text, URLs, videos), and it integrates smoothly with multiple education platforms.

Pros & Cons


  • A tool that helps educators save time by creating multiple-choice questions.
  • Language, learning outcomes, and grade level customization possibilities
  • The capability to build queries using user-supplied text, URLs, or YouTube videos themselves
  • Editing and verification tools to make sure everything is correct and applicable
  • The ability to quickly choose questions and export them to widely used platforms


  • The free version limits the number of words and types of questions you can ask.
  • To access premium features like short answer and fill-in-the-blank questions, you need to purchase the version.
  • Depending on their budget, certain instructors could be concerned about the cost.

Pricing & Plan

Free Plan

There is a free plan available. However, it has limited functionality and question types.

Paid Plan

You can get all the premium features and a limitless supply of questions with the paid plan, which costs $7 per month.

Team plan: $6/month/user.


1. What’s QuestionWell AI?

Use this artificial intelligence tool to create questions that are relevant to your learning objectives and then export them for easy use in other applications.

2. How effective is question AI?

Using advanced machine learning algorithms, Question AI boasts an accuracy rate of 98%. The powerful algorithms behind it provide fast and dependable results.

3. Is it possible for Question Well to make questions in languages besides English?

Question Well does indeed include the option to choose the language used for question generating, which is great for courses where students know more than one language.

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