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QR Galaxy

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Attract customers with stunning QR codes. Personalize with your favorite photo to inspire AI-generated codes. Link to your website or file effortlessly.
Pricing Model: Paid
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QR Galaxy

What is QR Galaxy?

QR Galaxy is a tool for creating QR codes that match your brand identity, product, or service. You can upload photos or select from many images in the integrated gallery. QR Galaxy will then utilize artificial intelligence to create 20+ high-quality QR codes that resemble your images.

The best thing is that the QR codes generated by QR Galaxy are visually appealing and functional. They may be scanned with any QR code reader and take the user to the URL or file you specify. You can also change the size and format of the QR codes to meet your specifications.

QR Galaxy is a terrific tool for adding personality and originality to your QR codes, making them more appealing and engaging to your clients. Whether you want to promote your website, social media, app, or other material, QR Galaxy can help you develop QR codes to stimulate people’s interest and curiosity.


  • Easy and unique QR code generator

 QR Galaxy’s straightforward UI makes it easy for users to create personalized QR codes. Stand out by creating one-of-a-kind designs for your company or purpose.

  • Create QR from your pictures

Easily incorporate visual material into your QR codes by creating codes directly from your photographs. Improve engagement and attractiveness by creating personalized QR codes that fit your business identity.

  •  Readily available for scanning for customers

Make QR codes easy to scan, allowing customers to interact seamlessly with your content, products, or services.

  •  Updated URL and files available

Keep your QR codes relevant and up to date by using QR Galaxy’s URL and file refresh tool as needed. Maintain control over the content your codes generate, assuring correctness and relevancy.

  • Unlimited scans

QR Galaxy supports infinite scans, allowing you and your audience to interact with QR codes without restriction. Maintain continuous engagement and accessibility for all users.

  •  Unlimited URL/file changes (paid)

The premium subscription lets you freely update URLs and files connected with your QR codes. Keep your material fresh and relevant to increase the efficacy of your QR code advertising.

  •  The QR codes are much more appealing than classic ones

QR Galaxy’s eye-catching designs will increase the visual impact of your QR codes. Stand out from the crowd with visually stunning codes that capture and engage your target audience.

Pros & Cons


  • The QR codes are far more enticing than traditional ones.
  • This increases their likelihood of being scanned.
  • Each QR code requires a one-time payment of $4.
  • Versatile: displays precisely what you desire.
  • Unlimited scans.
  • The extra membership provides unlimited URL/file updates.


  • It lacks some of the functionality of traditional QR Code producers, such as analytics. This may put off current heavy QR code users.

Plans & Pricing

Standard Plan

QR Galaxy provides a rich collection of capabilities, including access to 20+ high-quality images per QR Code, the ability to upload files or create URLs, and the guarantee that all QR Codes are validated. Enjoy unlimited scans per QR Code for only USD 4, with a 7-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind.

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