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PrometAI Save time and resources by creating a thorough business plan with the help of AI technology.
Pricing Model: Paid
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What is PrometAI?

PrometAI is an AI Business Plan Generator designed for business owners at any stage of their journey, it provides a data-driven, systematic approach to developing business plans and appraisals.


  • Strategy Toolkit

Use various strategic planning tools, such as SWOT Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces, VRIO, PESTEL, and Strategy Canvas.

  • Valuation features

Use expert-designed valuation tools such as DCF, Multiples, Residual Value, and the Dividend Model to conduct reliable business appraisals.

  • Blueprint Structure

Use best-in-class business plan frameworks and principles to ensure that all critical areas are addressed.

  • Data Security

Put your trust in a platform that uses modern security technology to protect your business ideas.

  • Educational Resources

Throughout the planning process, you will get educational insights.

ProMeta’s user-friendliness and comprehensive capabilities make it easy to manage extensive meta-analytic data.

  • High-resolution plot

ProMeta uses the new software C.I.P. (Confidence Interval Plotter) to create bespoke, high-quality graphs.

How to Use PrometAI?

  • Sign up or log in to the PrometAI platform.
  • Choose which task or application you wish to use PrometAI for.
  • Enter the required data or query for the task.
  • Initiate AI processing on the platform.
  • Examine the results produced by PrometAI.
  • If necessary, fine-tune or alter the input data, query, or parameters.
  • Iterate the process as needed to get the desired result.
  • Download or save the results in your preferred format.

Who is Using PrometAI?

  • Researchers and scientists are using AI for data analysis and predictive modeling.
  • Healthcare workers use artificial intelligence (AI) for medical diagnosis, treatment planning, and medication discovery.
  • Customer segmentation, personalized recommendations, and campaign optimization are done by marketing experts through AI.
  • The uses of artificial intelligence by financial analysts are risk assessment, fraud detection, and investment strategy development.

What Makes PrometAI Unique?

PrometAI is unique because it provides advanced AI features that cater to different sectors and professions. It can be used by people with minimal experience, while customization options are available.

Pros & cons


  • Simplifying, complex planning is made easier with user-friendly UI and AI-powered support.
  • Everything you need for financial valuation to strategy formulation is there at your fingertips.
  • Data security, as well as intellectual property protection, have made this a secure platform providing peace of mind to the users
  • To ensure that every aspect of the business plan is well understood, it offers assistance and educational insights.


  • New users may take time to understand the numerous features and capabilities available.
  • It demands a reliable internet connection since it is an online tool
  • The interface and functionalities might be unfamiliar to these individuals particularly if they are not experienced in using AI-driven tools.
  • This may lead to significant costs that depend on pricing structures, especially for startups with limited resources.

Plans & Pricing

  • Free Forever

Begin with our free plan and enjoy basic features at no cost. Ideal for people who want to learn more about PrometAI’s capabilities without making any commitment.

  • Basic

Upgrade to our Basic plan for a lower-cost option that unlocks extra features. Users pay $98 a month for watermark-free PDF export, increased credits for business plan generation, AI requests, and image generation.

  • Advanced

Users pay $598 a month to gain access to AI Copilot – Presentation Buddy, template customization tools, business plan sharing, multiple presentation templates, and more.

  • Time Saver

The Time Saver plan is ideal for people who need to make an urgent presentation. For a one-time price of $1,998, users receive 10 hours of meetings with a finance professional to work on the plan together.


1. Is PrometAI appropriate for beginners with no prior expertise in business planning?

Yes, PrometAI is intended to be user-friendly and accessible to people of all levels of competence, even those with no prior experience with business planning.

2. What makes PrometAI’s business plans unique?

The platform ensures that each plan is more than just a document, but a detailed road map to success that is adapted to specific industry requirements.

3. Can I modify the business plans provided by PrometAI?

Yes, users can fully customize and amend the content in PrometAI’s business plans, ensuring that the final output perfectly matches their own business vision and requirements.

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